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  1. I have heard guys talk about this before so I didn't know if they give an award for it without the KHSAA recognizing it. Kinda like the All A Classic for basketball. Its a championship, but its not recognized by the KHSAA
  2. That's the most narrow-minded, craziest thing Ive ever heard. However, you are entitled to your opinion. I do not support any of the mentioned teams until they play teams from other parts of the state. I will always root for the local team
  3. Probably not. This might be a silly question, but is that really an award?
  4. I agree with everything you said. You are 100% correct. Many people forget to realize that too. However, some of the players that I was referring to were 2 and 3 year starters. I don't know Markesberry from a hole in the ground. Im just relaying info. I cant defend much of what Deters has claimed, but I do agree that as much talent as SK had for a few years, they shouldve won a title in one of those years
  5. Congrats to him on winning this award, however Im sure that the committee who selected him didn't ask his former players how dedicated they thought he was to them. Im just saying. Ive only been to one SK game in my life, I don't plan on going to any in the near future, thus I dont have any 1st hand info to talk about. However, hearing many of his former players not speak highly of him speaks volumes to me. Markesberry had loads of talent and those teams shouldve been successful. He wasn't successful enough with that much talent, imo, and he will not get alot of credit from me
  6. You are correct. Im not an SK fan, but I do remember they had boatloads of talent besides Simpson. 2009 was the year they shouldve won it, imo. 2008 was a nice run at the end of the season, but they werent gonna win the title that year regardless of who was coaching them
  7. I will agree with one part of Deter's comments. Simpson's senior year, I think that team shouldve won a state championship. If Mike Yeagle, Dale Mueller, or someone of that caliber had that talent, they wouldve won. They have won titles with less than the talent SK had that year. That year saved Markesberry's job, imo. The fact that SK that year was the 4th seed in the districts and struggled to win only 4 games in the regular season is an absolute joke. That is coaching, imo. He did what any coach with that much talent would do. He got them to the dance. Congrats. He almost blew it, but you gotta take your hat off that Markesberry didn't screw it up. The next yr, I don't believe they were the best team in 6A and wouldnt have won a title. I don't think it wouldve mattered who was coaching them that year.
  8. This is how it used to be when I was in high school in the 90's, and Im sure it still is the same today. You can live in KY and go to school in OH, but you were not able to play sports. The exact opposite is true when students live in OH and go to school in KY. They are able to play right away as long as they pay tuition. Im not sure why it is opposite. Can anyone shed light on this?
  9. Again, you are proving you know not of what you speak of. How does it differ if they live out of district or out of state? Everyone at HC pays tuition to be there. It is 100% legal to be out of state and pay tuition. Please check with the KHSAA before you start quoting facts. Also, its funny that Koz tells me to my face what happened with the Cincy kids along with the man who worked at the boys home and that it is different from your story. I have both people stating exactly what they did to my face, but yet you seem to know something that no one else knows. Hmmmm. And for knowing football, you have proven my point once again. Please learn from knowledgable BW fans on how to state facts and show respect.
  10. It makes me laugh when a non-informed BW fan gets on here and complains about kids living out of district. BW always has kids out of district that are main contributors on their fball team. Vocke, the tackle that moved to Florence from Woodford Co, would you like to name more players that don't live in Ft. Mitchell? Do you hear any HC fans complaining of that or making excuses for our loss when BW beat us? Of course not! We take the good with the bad and try and better ourselves. Many BW fans are the same way and I respect them for that. Unfortunately, non-informed fans like Spartan make the rest of the BW fans look bad. Luckily, I know not all BW fans share your same, non-informed, ill-logic views. Thank God for that
  11. Be happy for others that have success from NKY. You don't have to hate on everyone. The Scruggs kid isn't at any weights.....FACT, Im there weekly. Koz didnt go recruit in Avondale........FACT. One of the volunteers on the staff worked in Avondale in the boys home and helped get him out of a bad situation to better himself......FACT. That is a success story. What have you done to better anyone? All I see Spartan on here doing is throwing out jabs at people. Do you need a hug or were you picked on as a kid to have this kind of hate built up in your heart? As for the 43 points that BW won, in hindsight, it was the best thing that happened. HC was exposed and what all good coaches do, they fixed their problems. Anyone that knows football wouldnt say that the outcome would be anything less than a great game if the two teams were to meet at the end of the season. Since they cant, stop talking about it. We will enjoy our championship. You can enjoy another great season without a title. Have fun with that Spartan
  12. This is including teams that would be voted for by the local papers. 1. Walton Verona (return the most locally besides maybe Boone and St. Henry) 2. Ryle 3. Boone County 4. Grant Co (does Roy still pitch for Grant?) 5. St. Henry 6. Conner 7. Simon Kenton 8. Dixie 9. Brossart (this could change quickly, show me you can win games without Miller and Griffin) 10. Cooper This is all up for debate but some teams have a lot to show with new players taking starting positions. Also, some teams need to show that they can beat someone that is considered solid competition. It is borderline laughable the people that only look at win/loss record and not their competition played. Give me a team that plays a strong schedule and finishes 17-17 and a team that plays a weak schedule finishing 22-7 and I know who I will bet on ten times out of ten.
  13. First off, lets get one of these major points out of the way. ALL schools share athletes!! It is not just the smaller schools that share. Now on to the actual point of this thread. 1. Ryle (until they have this spot taken from them, Sander and Hamilton are tough to replace) 2. Boone Co (they and St. Henry have the most returning from last year) 3. St. Henry (same as above) 4. Conner (they have a lot to replace but they also have a lot of strong young talent) 5. Dixie (this could drop if the young pitching does not produce) 6. Cooper (this also could drop if pitching does not hold) 7. Notre Dame (I will give them the nod here but that is because so many others have lost a lot) 8. Highlands (they are young but have talented young ladies) 9. NCC (this is all about them finding a pitcher that can keep them in games beyond Hausfeld) 10. Holy Cross (they could go up or down also depending on pitching) This is strictly 9th region, so if we include all local teams it changes drastically. This is also just my opinion so take it with a grain.
  14. I don't think they would ever go D3. They would go D2 first. NAIA is very comparable to D2 and Gtwon has played several small D1 and D2 schools over the past couple of years and have faired very well. I think they would lose athletes if they went to D3 because D3 doens't offer athletic scholarships. From a small college experience, Gtown is one of the best in the country
  15. This is absolutely false. No truth whatsoever.
  16. The All State Team. Trinity could make a game of it, but the All State Team wouldn't have any weaknesses where most high school football teams have 2-3 players that are role players at best
  17. He must have been selected by Skinner since Walker made the Honorable Mention list, however I would easily say he is Top 15 in NKY on either side of the ball
  18. I was glad to see Paul Lampone make the list. I do feel Kyle Fuller should have been there over Hightchew. Eric Walker, in my opinion, is easily one of the best receivers in the state and he showed that at the Louisville/Ky At Large All-Star game
  19. I don't have any kids, just a fan that walked away very disappointed
  20. Congrats to Bruce and his staff. Very well deserved for all of his hard work
  21. It sounds like a little bit of both states are at fault for me, but the Louisville/KY at large Allstar game is a joke. I would love to have the KY/TN game back. This year was terrible coaching for the KY at large team and half of the best players in the state either weren't nominated or didn't play for one reason or another. I went the game this past Sunday and I will never go back.
  22. Which is a more prestigous invite, Border Bowl or Lousiville vs State?
  23. As poorly as BW throws the ball, I believe that NCC isn't even close to the same team without Hightchew. BW was fine without Davis because running the ball is what they do best. Really, special teams were the difference in this game, not the QB for BW. When did Nussbaum go out in this game?
  24. I was told by one of the players on the KY at large team that the western Ky coaches arent giving anyone outside of western Ky much of a look or speaking to them. Any thoughts as to why?
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