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  1. Not sure Gallatin is healthy Dossett has Pneumonia
  2. Solid game by GC congratulations on making the 8th region tourney. Also congratulations to the 3 Seniors from Carroll County, Tasha Hunter, Kyndal Curry and Jill Butcher. All three have been with coach Mefford since the 7th or 8th grade and have had excellent careers at CC. This is the first year they won't be making the trip to the regional tourney. Great kids on and off the court. Good luck to Gallatin County.
  3. I saw this game and Carroll really did take the inside game away. Curry did a great job on all three of the WV bigs. 3 of CC's starters played all 32 mins. Walton started the game with four 3's in a row and led CC 12 to 2. Carroll closed it to 2 or 3 a number of times. To WV's credit they were hitting from the outside. Some were open looks but the majority were with a hand in their face. Carroll's game plan was a good one but Walton hit the shots needed to win.
  4. The All A hangover is legit, this will be an interesting game.
  5. Simon would have to be considered top tier, I believe they beat WV handily earlier this season.
  6. Devine struggled on offense in the first half uncharacteristically missing some wide open shots. I believe she was 1 for 15 for the half. Devine's teammates carried the scoring load in the half with Curry scoring in double figures, Hunter had a 3 and Freshman Makenzie Ogden and Makena Kindoll scored 1 and 2 points respectively. Carroll finished the first half with the lead. Devine found her shot in the second going something like 7 for 10 in the second half. Curry continued to score in the second finishing with 17 pts along with Andrea Hardesty with 6 pts and Brittany Arvin adding a bucket. Jill Butcher added a couple of free throws. What makes Carroll tough is they usually play pretty good defense and there are more girls that can score when needed.
  7. I didn't think they communicated very well on defense and their offense was to quick to shoot instead of working the ball.
  8. I would have to agree about their offense and actually I didn't think their defense was that good either, WV relied on "free throw line" defense. The game last night could have been a lot closer if WHS would have hit their free throws. There will need to be much improvement if they want to advance very far in the All A State Tourney. Congrats to WV on winning the 8th region all A.
  9. This was a very entertaining game. WV jumped out to a 20 - 6 lead and Carroll cut it to 29 - 21 at the half. WV finished the 3rd qtr leading by 4 after Ginn hit a big 3 pointer to finish the qtr. The game stayed close (4 or 5 points) until the final minutes. Carroll couldn't overcome Walton's initial push in the first qtr. Walton did a great job at the free throw line. Carroll played with tremendous heart and poise. WV was too deep for the Panthers. Congratulations to both teams and good luck to WV tonight.
  10. Williamstown played a good game and lead most of the way. Owen more of a me game instead of we game.
  11. Williamstown played very well last night but they will have to play better than that to beat WV. I like watching the Demon's play because they put so much into each game. In the end it will be a very tough matchup for WHS and I expect WV will win. WV by 17
  12. Sounds like CC had a good tournament. Congratulations to the Panthers and Coaches.
  13. Carroll changed some defensive assignments the second time around. CC put #34 Curry on Dossett and she was able to stop her from penetrating and drawing a foul. Also by inserting #10 Ogden CC was able to match GC's quickness. Carroll limited Gallatin's second chance opportunities as well. Overall Carroll played a much better game and it was truly a team effort. What's odd is CC matches up better with GC when Hill is playing.
  14. Carroll's defense was suspect they couldn't contain Dossett off the dribble and the help defense would reach instead of sliding over. That gave GC a big advantage at the FT line.
  15. 25 - 30 really? How many did Carroll shoot? Was Southwestern attacking the basket?
  16. The win is surprising or the margin of victory?
  17. Trimble is a much different team than last years. They have improved their quickness and they have more scorers. Carroll's rebounding was impressive they got a bunch of second and third chances on the offensive end. The Madison Courier has a good write up on the game (sorry I don't know how to link)
  18. The Conner/Carroll game was a foul fest. Carroll won the first quarter and the last quarter. Carroll had trouble adjusting after Curry went out. They were able to regroup in the fourth quarter. Trimble had little trouble with Whitfield Academy but a more physical team could give them some problems. Gallatin played North Bullitt and it looked like GC is going to push the pace this year.
  19. Did they play Gallatin last night? If so what was the score?
  20. I agree with the first 4 teams but there is a huge drop off to Owen and Oldham County. Owen may not make it past Henry Co. in the first round of the districts.
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