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The Bengals Head Coach next year will be...

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With the firings of Phillips and Childress coming down in the past week or two, made me wonder if Marvin is going to make it through the season. But, more importantly, it made me wonder who the Bengals might replace him with next year.


Here are the possible categories that I came up with (perhaps a moderator can add a poll?)


A.) No change - Marvin Lewis will be back

B.) Hire from within the organization - Mike Zimmer the likely choice

C.) Hire a former NFL Head Coach - Dan Reeves, Jim Fassel, Jim Mora Jr. etc.

D.) Hire a former NFL Heach Coach who has a ring - Brian Billick, Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden, etc.

E.) Hire a NFL assistant Coach - Jason Garrett, etc.

F.) Bring in someone from the college ranks


So, what say you BGP...where's the Bengals' Head Coach coming from next year?

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A...not a fan of the team, but I think that Marvin would have been fired already if one bad year was all it took


Difference now is we are at the end of the contract. Mikey would never pay someone for not working. No chance he is re-signed. I pray for D but that would mean Mikey would have to give up some control. The past has shown there is no chance of that happening.

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