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The Bengals Head Coach next year will be...

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With only two things more certain in life than the Bengals franchise futility, I would venture to guess that it will come from within the organization. As they say, "those that do not learn history are doomed to repeat it"......with as much education that Mike Brown has on paper, his pattern is already established and he will take the cheap way out. THIS time, it will be from within....supposedly, he is very fond of Bratkowski, (yes Bratkowski) and Lewis actually tried to get rid of Bratkowski a couple of years ago and Mickey was having none of it ! So welcome to the new version of the Cincinnati Bengals...........same as the old one.........................

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Has the Mike Zimmer star not faded just a bit this season for the Bengal faithful?


Right now, I would've put Zimmer in the same boat as Jason Garrett in Dallas (or at least two weeks ago). Both were already coordinators, and their side of the ball hadn't exactly been tearing it up...so what would change if they were head coaches? Obviously, Garrett has instituted some more accountability in the past two weeks...would Zim be able to do the same? Don't know.

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Will Jim Harbaugh have any interest?


Would his brother being in the same division cause him to look elsewhere?


I was getting ready to post that. I think his brother being there would make him more interested. Harbaugh is the realistic way to go for the Bengals IMO. Guys like Gruden, Cowher, Dungy just aren't going to be interested IMO. I don't think guys like Cowher and Gruden have been holding out only to get back into the league with an under-spending, poorly ran team in a tough division.


I think that Billick is a realistic possibility.

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