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Ashland sweeps Fairview

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icon1.gifPosting Final Game Scores

When posting final scores please use the following format:

Conner 4 Beechwood 2


When posting JV or Freshmen scores, besure to specify the level of play:

JV Conner 4 Beechwood 2


If you are posting a prediction thread, please use this format:

Conner/Beechwood Predictions


If you are posting an update thread, please use this format:

Conner/Beechwood Updates



Please do not use any other format, in particular we do not want:

Conner won tonight, or Conner beat Beechwood, or Conner is beating Beechwood.


All final score have to be in proper format, or the thread will be closed. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and for helping to keep Bluegrasspreps.com a great place to be.

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