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Directions to the Rafferty's Bowl?


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Coming south on 65 take the first exit, just past the corvette plant, to 31W south. Make no turns from this road and you will go right by the stadium. (After you cross the barren river 31w turns left. You do not follow 31w, you will then be on highway 68.) Remember no turns, you should not have to use your turning signal at all, even thought the road meanders a little. The stadium is on the left. You can park anywhere on campus according to the traffic/police dept. If you are interested in food/drink you need to come on down 65 to exit 22. You will have plenty of choices, most of the chain places are represented near this exit. From there ask directions to the stadium. I do not know the ticket prices, but would guess $8-10. If this is not clear let me know.

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