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  1. The paper says he will teach in the BG system in the fall. It might be a little early to declare a "head coach in waiting."
  2. he was. resigned earlier, December I think.
  3. according to the park city daily news ben bruni will be an assistant coach at bowling green in the fall.
  4. reply to a comment in the past update thread --- the Stivers are father - son - grandson
  5. Northwestern's Jared Carpenter was selected MVP at the Gator Bowl this year. He also graduated and has taken a job with the University.
  6. Trent is playing in his last Army game. He has been the starting qb since his freshman year and has broken many Army scoring/rushing records. Not bad for a player who got little attention in hs. Please don't hijack this thread by bringing up other players that you think are better. Let's just congratulate Trent.
  7. I appreciate DF's comments. I am most proud of the great job BGHS does with its academics. It has a very diverse school population, large percent of free/reduced lunch, large number of minorities, more that 20 different languages (ESL), and a very successful AP program. BGHS is also successful in other sports, for 2011-12, using the RIHERDS listed sports, they had a combined record of 189-44 (80+%) and were regional competitors in those same sports.
  8. BG plays Trinity. St X this year and T the last 3 yrs and X before that. Last year T won 14-12. BG has almost the exact same team from last year just better.
  9. Diving catch in the endzone by Sam. 62-20 7:35 to go...
  10. TD John hardin. 2:40 left first half 48-20 Purples.
  11. Yep whoops! 48-13... Yes, I'm at the game. Nice defense tonight. Awesome game! U couldn't blink in the first quarter and we were running back a defensive td! Very impressive passing game too. Two very long passes; They can't do anything with Fant, and Scooter has precision passing.
  12. John Hardin with about an 80 yard KO return. :17 left n the half for them to try to punch it n.
  13. 48-7. 4 defensive touchdowns (well this last one was returned to the 1)
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