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Statewide Rankings - Week 11

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First the Media poll:

1. Great Crossing (16 FPV)
2. Lexington Catholic
3. Newport
4. Trinity
5. Lyon County
6. Covington Catholic
7. St. X
T-8. Bowling Green
T-8. Evangel Christian [Up 2]
10. George Rogers Clark [Down 1]
11. Manual
12. Harlan County [Down 1]
13. North Oldham
14. Woodford County [Up 3]
15. Frederick Douglass [Down 1]

Others receiving votes: Bryan Station 11, Cooper 10, Boyd County 9, DeSales 9, Henderson County 8, Adair County 3, Henry Clay 3, Hazard 2, Pikeville 2, Male 1.

*Ever so slight surprise that Frederick Douglass held onto their spot in the top 25 despite losing three games the previous week.  I get they were without Boone, so that was likely the entire reason for waving those away.  Still - Sayre? And it also felt a bit like Woodford County jumped back in due to beating Frederick Douglass.  You know... without Boone.

*That's a remarkably stable top 8.  No movement anywhere.

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*Another week of a unanimous number 1 in Great Crossing.  Given the rest of their schedule, it would be shocking if they didn't maintain this status these last two weeks as well.

*35 teams were rated in at least one poll, same as a week ago.

*Campbell County (Nations Elite 22, KSR 25), University Heights (KYHSZ 24), Spencer County (Nations Elite 25), and Wayne County (KYHSZ 25) joined the rankings, while Butler County, North Hardin, South Laurel, and Walton-Verona all dropped out.

*Our unicorns this week (teams rated by only a single outlet) - Bell County (Martin Media 20), Elizabethtown (Nations Elite 20), Danville Christian (KYHSZ 21), Lloyd Memorial (KSR 23), and the aforementioned University Heights, Spencer County, and Wayne County.  Danville Christian, Lloyd Memorial, and Elizabethtown were both unicorns last week, by the same outlets.

*16 teams were rated by every outlet, down one from a week ago:

Great Crossing
Lexington Catholic
Lyon County
Covington Catholic
Bowling Green
Evangel Christian
St. X
North Oldham
George Rogers Clark
Harlan County
Woodford County
Henderson County
Bryan Station

*Frederick Douglass was the team dropped from a week ago, and dropped by three outlets.  Deciding what to do with them based on their results without Boone seem to be the big disagreement, as the Media poll had them all the way up at 15th while those three others knocked them out entirely.  Very unusual to see a team rated that highly while 50% of the other poll have them out. Of course, just last week Nations Elite had Fairdale 12th while three polls had them out.  Three still have them out this week, but Nations Elite dropped them to a more palatable 17th.

*Nations Elite remains non-believers in George Rogers Clark - four outlets have GRC in the top 10, another 12th.  Nations Elite puts them in at 21.  

*Henderson County has an even wider gap, as Nations Elite launched them all the way to 7th - KSR has them 10th as well - while KYHSZ has them down at 23rd.  That 16 spot gap is the widest in the rankings.  

*Bryan Station is polarizing as well, with Martin Media checking them in at 11th, while both Nations Elite and KSR have them 24th.

*Big Things Kentucky only ranks 20 teams, and they're the only poll between DeSales, Boyd County, and Male being consensus ranked, though Male barely held on in the Media poll at 25th - just one single vote.

*For the second straight week, four outlets were bullish on Cooper - Media, Nations Elite, KSR, and KYHSZ all had them in their top 17 - while Martin Media and Big Things Kentucky had them out entirely.

*Big Things Kentucky remains a huge believer in North Oldham, having them 4th, while no one else has them above 10th.

*Great Crossing, Lexington Catholic, and Newport remain the consensus teams in the top 5, and all remain in the top three.  Consensus top 10 had those three plus Lyon County, Covington Catholic, Bowling Green, and St. X.  All seven of those teams were consensus top 10 a week ago as well.  As with last week, Martin Media stood between Trinity and this status, dropping them a spot to 12th this week.  

*The Sweet 16 draw came out this week, and using these rankings as a barometer, no one is sitting better than Lyon County.  The Lyons have an average ranking of 4.66, and in their quadrant of the bracket are Regions 1, 5, and 16.  Boyd County is the only team from any of those regions rated in even 5 of the 6 polls, and their average rank is 17.8 in those five polls.  There are some juicy first round matchups if the ranks hold, with Region 11 (Great Crossing/Lexington Catholic) facing Region 8 (North Oldham) in a matchup that would produce two top ten teams by average, with Region 9 (Newport/Covington Catholic) vs. Region 10 (George Rogers Clark) and Region 13 (Harlan County) vs. Region 4 (Bowling Green) coming very close to matching that. 

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