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2024 Boys OVC Large School Tournament (Feb. 3-8)

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This years small school OVC tournament for 7th and 8th grades will be held at Rowan County. The top seeds in the 7th grade are Ashland from the East Division and Rowan County from the West Division. In the 8th grade Boyd County is the top seed from the East Division and East Carter is the top seed from the West Division.

Here are the pairings for 7th Grade:

#1 seed (west) Rowan County vs. #4 seed (east) Louisa Middle
#2 seed (east) Boyd County vs. #3 seed (west) Mason County
#1 seed (east) Ashland Middle vs. #4 seed (west) East Carter
#2 seed (west) Simons Middle vs. #3 seed (east) Russell Middle

8th Grade pairings:

#1 seed (west) East Carter vs. #4 seed (east) Russell Middle
#2 seed (east) Ashland Middle vs. #3 seed (west) Simons Middle
#1 seed (east) Boyd County vs. #4 seed (west) Rowan County
#2 seed (west) Mason County vs. #3 seed (east) Louisa Middle

The first-round games are all played on Saturday, Feb. 3rd.
The 7th grade semis are on Monday, Feb. 5
The 8th grade semis are on Tuesday, Feb. 6
The Championships are on Thursday, Feb. 8

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Quarterfinal results:

7th Grade:
#1 Seed (west) Rowan County 49 #4 Seed (east) Louisa Middle School 15
#2 Seed (east) Boyd County 58 #3 Seed (west) Mason County 24
#1 Seed (east) Ashland Middle 52 #4 Seed (west) East Carter 7
#2 Seed (west) Simons Middle 54 #3 Seed (east) Russell Middle 33

8th Grade:
#1 Seed (west) East Carter 30 #4 Seed (east) Russell Middle 28 
#2 Seed (east) Ashland Middle 55 #3 Seed (west) Simons Middle 20
#1 Seed (east) Boyd County 45 #4 Seed (west) Rowan County 44 
#2 Seed (west) Mason County 35 #3 Seed (east) Louisa Middle School 52

7th Grade Semi-finals Monday, Feb. 5th:
Rowan County vs. Boyd County-6:00pm
Ashland Middle vs. Simons Middle-7:15pm
Finals Thursday, Feb. 8 at 6:00pm

8th Grade Semi-finals Tuesday, Feb. 6th:
East Carter vs. Ashland Middle- 6:00pm
Boyd County vs. Louisa Middle School- 7:15pm
Finals Thursday, Feb. 8 at 7:15pm

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7th Grade Semis:
Boyd County 52 Rowan County 41
Ashland Middle 52 Simons Middle 22

8th Grade Semis:
Ashland Middle 50 East Carter 42
Boyd County 47 Louisa Middle 44

7th Grade Championship:
Ashland Middle 52 Boyd County 35

8th Grade Championship:
Ashland Middle 64 Boyd County 55

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