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2007 Conner


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Once the coach is found, the Hebron/Burlington Community needs to come together behind him and his staff. The potential players that roam the halls of Conner need to come out and play. The ones that are there now need to get in the weight room and get stronger. The sniping that occurs in this program from disgruntled fans/parents/players MUST STOP!!!!! There are some good athletes that will be juniors and seniors this next year. They need to find a(some) leader(s) and follow them. The potential is there, but the excuses must be stopped. Excuses are just a poor attempt at covering up the inability (or unwillingness) to work to get better! The teams that had recent success at Conner (02,03 and 04) did all of the above.


I've been close to this program for close to 10 years and have seen the roller-coaster ride that it has been. I know most of these kids and their parents as well. They are all good people. Everyone has seen the example of tearing one sheet of paper vs. a telephone book. BE A PHONE BOOK!!!! In other words, be a team and not a group of individuals trying to achieve their own agenda(s).




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