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Lexington Catholic 28 Boyle County 27


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Total meltdown from Boyle in the last few minutes of that game. Questionable decision to go for it on 4th and 4 which gave Lex Cath good field position. The defense couldn't stop the big play and gave up two touchdowns on back to back drives. O-line couldn't stop the ends from getting pressure on Dawson during their last possession. Plays took forever to get in and led to a penalty that wiped out a would-be game winning touchdown. 

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Just now, burreaux said:

That's exactly what it seemed like. This loss might have cost Boyle home field advantage for the playoffs.

Cost them if they were to meet again in the playoffs.  LC would have home field.  


Another tidbit.  The team that won the regular season matchup, has always won the rematch if they met again in the playoffs.  EVERY TIME.  

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Just now, Hungover_in_Andover said:

So the would be Boyle touchdown got a motion penalty, and time expired? Or was there an additional play? I can't tell from the play by play post.

Additional play.  LC picked it off at the 8 or so and that was the game.  

Rebel receiver never got set and the penalty was correct.  Wiped out a perfect TD pass and run by Quisenberry.  They have to find ways to get him more touches.  

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