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2021 All Big Things Team 12-30

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A VERY solid group on offense.

QB - Bryce Patterson (Woodford County)
RB - Brady Hensley (Madison Central)
RB - Preston Stacy (Woodford County)
WR - Dalton Carter (West Jessamine)
WR - Dane Key (Frederick Douglass)
WR - Jackson Marshall (Sayre)
WR - Mason Moore (Lexington Christian)
OL - Tristan Cook (Woodford County)
OL - Anthony Johns (Lexington Christian)
OL - Sam Turley (Paul Laurence Dunbar)
OL - Sy Turley (Paul Laurence Dunbar)
OL - Malachi Wood (Madison Central)
OL - Conner Yazell (Bourbon County)
K - Max Dagraff (Lexington Catholic)
ATH - Xavier Brown (Lexington Christian)

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Definitely solid on the defensive side of things too.

DL - John Law (Paul Laurence Dunbar)
DL - Donovan Jackson (Lafayette)
DL - Oryend Fisher (Great Crossing)
DL - Cade Goebel (Bourbon County)
LB - Tyler Morris (Lexington Christian)
LB - Jaxon Saylor (Scott County)
LB - Kalib Perry (Great Crossing)
LB - Jackson Geilear (Woodford County)
DB - Ty Bryant (Frederick Douglass)
DB - JT Haskins, Jr. (Bryan Station)
DB - Aden Nelson (Woodford County)
DB - Chaney Parker (Lexington Christian)

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35 minutes ago, Big Things Kentucky said:

We had a really great year in Big Things County this season it was really hard picking this years edition.  Now to see the new hires and things could really get fun next season. #BigThings

Great job this season Big Things Kentucky!

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