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South Warren 41 Logan County 3

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South easily won this game, as expected. Willingham was back in play as well as Conyers. Both made some excellent catches and showed their athleticism. Even though South dominated the entire game, they honestly looked a little sloppy. The last 3 games they've played, it seems like they have regressed a some. The boys are playing down to the level of their competition instead of at a consistently high level.

They tend to give up some big plays on Defense and rely on big plays while on offense. Logan County got into the red zone a few times and South's D did a great job of holding them. While the offense was able to make at least 4 30+ yard passing plays and didn't dominate the line of scrimmage run blocking.

I do have some concerns with South's O-line and their secondary. Both of them lag behind the rest of the team. They are no where close to the 2018 team that won state. However, i think they still have a good chance to make it deep into the playoffs. I don't think there's any dominant teams in 5A this year.

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