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BluegrassPreps.com 16th Region Week 8 Review

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Bluegrasspreps.com 16th Region Week 8


Week 8 was a much better week in the 16th region.  All region teams played games this week.  The feature of the week was a clash of the Titans when Rowan County visited Ashland.  The game was everything it was expected to be as Ashland got the win in overtime.  Some of the district seedings are becoming clear while others are headed to a drawing to determine the seeds.  Numbers 1-3 are pretty set. Then, the rankings become much more difficult.  Numbers 4-8 could really go in about any order. Arguments could be made for any of those 4  teams to be #4.  Time will show how they should be ranked.


1)      Ashland (Week 2-2    Season 10-4)                           Last week #1

Ashland had a very busy week, playing 4 games this week.  Ashland hosted Rowan county in a big 16th region battle.  Ashland got the win in overtime.  Following that, The Tomcats went on the road with away games at Cov Cath and Simon Kenton.  Ashland was on the losing end of both of those games.  Ashland finished the week with a road win at Fairview.  The Cov Cath and Simon Kenton games should benefit the Tomcats down the road.  Ashland 4 games scheduled again this week with only 5 regular season games left on the schedule


2)      Rowan County (Week 1-2    Season 8-3)                Last week #2

Rowan was able to get back on the court this week, playing 3 games.  The Vikings went to Ashland, losing to the Tomcats in overtime.  Following that, the Vikings hosted a very good Highlands.  They ended the week with a home blowout against Bath County. 4 of the Vikings final 5 games are scheduled for this week, including  a back to back home/away against Boyd County.


3)      Boyd County (Week 2-1    Season  11-4)                 Last week #3

Boyd County’s scheduled game with Rowan County was cancelled due to COVID.


4)      Russell (Week 1-2  Season 9-6)                                  Last week #5

Russell had a home win against Fairview, followed by two losses, one to Paintsville and one to district rival Lewis County.  Russell has a big game with Raceland this week.  Win that game and Russell is the number 1 seed.  Lose the game and if Lewis County beats Fairview and Russell, Raceland, and Lewis will tie for top seed to be determined by a draw.


5)      East Carter (Week 2-1    Season 5-1)                        Last week #6

East Carter finally was able to have a full week of games this week.  The Raiders played 3 games this week.  All 3 games were on the road. The Raiders got the win against Rose Hill and Elliott County.  The Raiders came up short against Boyd County.  Currently the Raiders have 4 regular season games scheduled, with 3 to be played this week.


6)      West Carter (Week 3-0    Season 9-3)                      Last week #4

This was a 3-win week for the Comets.  In their biggest game of the week, the Comets got the win in the All-A first Round against Robertson County, in overtime.  The Comets will be hosting St Henry on March 2.  Other than the all-A, the Comets currently only have 1 regular season game left on the schedule.


7)      Raceland (Week 2-1   Season 7-6)                            Last week #7

Raceland played 3 games this week.  2 of the games were seeding games.  In those games, the Rams split with a loss to Lewis County and a win against Greenup County.  March 4 is a big day for Raceland. A win against Russell and a little help from Lewis County will result in a 3 way tie for top seed.


😎      Lewis County (Week  2-1    Season 9-8)                  Last week #8

This was a great week for Lewis County.  The Lions went 2-1. Fortunately for them, the 2 wins were against district foes Russell and Lewis County.  Those 2 wins coupled with a win this week against Greenup and Lewis County could find themselves in a tie for the number one seed.  In their other game, the Lions were on the short end against Bishop Brossart.


9)      Bath County (Week 1-3    Season 4-10)                   Last week #9

Bath County had a busy week this week.  The Wildcats played 4 games. The started off with a road win at Menifee County.  The Wildcats followed that off losing the next three to Augusta, Lawrence County, and Rowan County respectively.


10)  Fleming County (Week  1-3       Season 4-9)          Last week #10

Fleming County played 4 games this week.  The Panthers started the week with 3 losses to Robertson, Bluegrass United, and Mason County.  After those three, the Panthers righted the ship against Nicholas County.


11)  Morgan County (Week  1-2     Season 4-3)            Last week #11

Thankfully, Morgan County was able to get back on the court after a long COVID break. The Cougars has a win against Menifee County and 2 losses to district rival West Carter.


12)  Elliott County (Week  2-1    Season 2-5)                 Last week #12

Elliott County played three games this week.  The Lions had a loss to East Carter and wins against St Patrick and Fairview.


13)  Greenup County (Week 0-3    Season 4-13)           Last week #13

Following 3 losses this week, the Musketeers are on a 7 game losing streak.  However, Greenup has shown flashes of very good play. An instance was a 50-48 loss to a good Boyd County team.  Greenup is set as the 4th seed for district play and waiting to see who they will end up playing.


14)  Fairview (Week  0-4    Season 4-15)                         Last week #14

Fairview went 0-4 for the week.  The Eagles had losses to Russell, Elliott County, Phelps, and Ashland. Jaxson Manning played well this week averaging 23.7 points a game this week.


15)  Rose Hill (Week   1-2    Season 4-15)                        Last week #16

Rose Hill went 1-2 for the week. Their highlight was a 60-56 win over Greenup County. The Royals also had losses to East Carter and Pike County Central.


16)  Menifee County (Week  0-4    Season 1-17)          Last week #15

Menifee County dropped 4 games this week.  They had losses to Morgan County, Bath County, Lee County, and Raceland.

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