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16th Region Boys' Basketball Week 2 Review

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Bluegrasspreps.com 16th Region Week 2


The opponent with the most momentum following week 2 is COVID cancellation.  Several teams missed at least 1 games this week, if not more.  Hopefully with the post-Christmas case climb winding down we will be able to continue play and see new cases decreasing consistently.


1)      Ashland (Week 2-0    Season 4-1)                              Last week #1

Ashland went 2-0 over this week.  The big win was a home win to 15th Region power Johnson Central.  The Tomcats followed that up with a long road trip to Bardstown as Coach Mayes has certainly dialed up the competition level this year.  Porter seems to have worked through his offensive struggles and ready to move on.


2)      Rowan County (Week 0-0    Season 2-0)                Last week #2

Both of Rowan County’s games were cancelled due to COVID this week.


3)      Boyd County (Week 2-0    Season  3-2)                   Last week #3

Boyd County spent this past week on a tour of the 63rd District. The Lions grabbed wins against two 63rd teams, Lewis County, and Greenup County.  An interesting stat for this week, between the two games, the Lions had 6 players to record double digit scoring in a game. 


4)      Russell (Week 2-0  Season 4-1)                                  Last week #5

Russell went 2-0 for the week.  They had a road win at St Patrick is Maysville and a big district home win against Lewis County. Bell and Jachimczuk continue to be the workhorses but Quinn and Downs are chipping in as well.


5)      West Carter (Week 1-0    Season 3-1)                      Last week #6

West Carter won an All-A game against Menifee County this week. The other scheduled game, an anticipated game with Rowan County was lost due to the stupid virus.  The Comets continue to look good and will look to capture the all A crown this next week.


6)      East Carter (Week 2-0    Season 2-0)                        Last week #7

East Carter was finally able to open their season and did so in perfect fashion. The Raiders start their season with home wins against Greenup County and Morgan County.  They will see district opponent Morgan County again this next week.


7)      Raceland (Week 1-1   Season 3-2)                            Last week #4

Raceland went 1-1 for the week.  The Rams had a win in the Regional all A against Rose Hill and a surprising loss to Bracken County (2-3).  The Rams will look to regroup and take the All a crown as they battle West Carter in week 3.


😎      Lewis County (Week  1-1    Season 2-2)                  Last week #8

Lewis County went 1-1 on the week.  The lions had a win at St Patrick and a district road loss to Russell.  Lewis County has shown streaks of very successful perimeter shooting. If they can extend those streaks longer, they can hang with about anyone.


9)      Bath County (Week 0-0    Season 1-2)                     Last week #9

Bath County has been on COVID cancellation policy since Jan 9.


10)  Fleming County (0-0)                                                      Last week #10

Fleming County does not open their season until Jan 19, per KHSAA


11)  Morgan County (Week  2-1     Season 3-1)            Last week #12

Morgan County had 3 games this week, going 2-1.  One of the wins, a key district win against Elliott County could prove to be an important win.  The Cougars also had a win against Jenkins and a district loss to East Carter.


12)  Elliott County (Week  0-1    Season 0-3)                 Last week #11

Elliott County played 1 game this week, a road district loss at Morgan County. Their second scheduled game was a COVID cancellation. 


13)  Greenup County (Week 1-2    Season 2-4)             Last week #13

Greenup was 1-2 for the week.  The musketeers had a win against Menifee County and losses to East Carter and Boyd County.  They go on the road this week with games at Fairview and a rematch game at Russell


14)  Fairview (Week  1-1    Season 1-4)                            Last week #14

Fairview went 1-1 for the week.  The Eagles got their first win under the new coaching staff with a hard fought win at Rose Hill.  A third game against Bath County was cancelled due to COVID


15)  Menifee County (Week  0-2    Season 0-4)            Last week #15

Menifee went o-2 this week. The Wildcats had losses to Greenup County and Lee County.


16)  Rose Hill (Week   0-3    Season 0-7)                          Last week #16

Rose Hill went 0-3 this week.  However, there was some positives this week as the Royals showed some fight and lost a close contest to Fairview.

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