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Bottom Up vs Top Down

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Each school district, better yet each parent, need to make decisions regarding their own students & athletes. Ohio finishes football today (13 straight weeks) and basketball season is a go. KY & WV football have been start, stop & pause for 3 months, with KY and still month away from finish line. Hear they feel good about allowing football to finish since it’s played outdoors (doesn’t sound good for basketball) ...was it different Aug - Oct? During regular season teams have driven 125+ miles, on short notice, to allow their players chance to play. Alternative was drive a few miles across state lines, where many of their parents work and players visit doctors, dentists, etc. Not allowed because opponent more then 1 county removed. Can’t make this stuff up!

The crayola’s used during KY & WV football season are now bleeding into basketball. Start & stop buttons have already been pushed with pause coming Jan - March. Mixing red, green, yellow, orange & gold (wv only) = rusty mess. End result has been nothing but confusion, frustration, disappointment, etc. 

Bottom line - taking 99.80% free throw shooter off line because of .20% chance of miss - wrong game plan. I’m a fan of younger people playing offense, older defense and those in middle going both ways. 

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