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What is your favorite "finger food?"

Randy Parker

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Hmm, interesting question. I certainly like a good veggie tray with cucumbers and tomatoes with a ranch dipping sauce.


I also like the less healthier options like meatballs on toothpicks, cheesesticks with marinara, mini corn-dogs and a yellow mustard, and potato skins with sour cream.


Haven't had a jalapeno popper in 15 years....minimum. Nothing against them, but they are off my radar for some reason.


However, without question, my #1 finger food is a nice tray of shrimp and a spicy cocktail sauce. I kill those things unapologetically.

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Are you in 3rd grade? haha, just kidding, but was not an option I would have thought of! My kid would agree though!


haha I love mini corn dogs. When we do random potluck things at work, I sometimes bring them and cook them in our little oven. Everyone loves them because no one thinks of them haha!

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