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McCreary Central/Boyle Co. Scrimmage [Pred.]

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What are your thoughts on how this scrimmage will turn out? It's tomorrow Nov. 24th at McCreary Central.


McCreary is ranked 4th by Cats' Pause and 2nd by Courier-Journal

Boyle is ranked 5th by Cats' Pause and 3rd by Courier-Journal


McCreary's players rankings:

Cats' Pause: Aaron Watts (freshman) 2nd; Josh Bartley (senior) 7th.

Courier-Journal: Aaron Watts (freshman) 1st; Josh Bartley (senior) 7th.


Boyle's players rankings:

Cats' Pause: Spencer Perrin (senior) 4th.

Courier-Journal: Spencer Perrin (senior) 3rd.


How will this scrimmage turn-out?

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