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Scott County vs Pickerington Central (OH) Scrimmage Updates


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Wow Scott County on Fire

Up 83-50 five to play


Scott County leads 51-33 at the half over Pickerington Central


Scott Co:

M. Moreno - 20 points

D. Stewart - 12 points

C. Fluker - 13 points



J. Francis - 7 points

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Not if they play Trinity or Covington Catholic


Scott county is a lot better than last year. They just beat a top 10 team out of ohio which had SC by 3 or 4 inches at every position minus mereno down low. The size difference was no problem for the Cards. The kid going to UNC was bullied all night by our guards. He had to earn every single point. Trinity and Cov cath will be great but Scott county is the real deal. Also we will see if Cov cath will actually make it out of the 9th this year. The new kid at SC is a baller and can handle and shoot the ball with the best.

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