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Moral victory for the Bengals today versus the Steelers?

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The bigger question is how the Steeler line NEVER held, never pushed AJ Green into the wall after he was already out of bounds, ruled CJ Yuzomah's TD catch out of bounds, and finally did not see Tyler Boyd's knee on the ground before the fumble. And they wonder why we detest them so much.

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Was today's result a moral victory for the Bengals? Playing in Pittsburgh and not playing very well and still just losing by one score while being cheated out of their last chance by the officials.


So that's the narrative you're working with?


Here's a better one: You guys should've cashed in in the first half on the turnovers while the Steelers offense was asleep. Our defense and special teams is what won that game. When's the last time the Steelers could say that?

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