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Preseason favorite per region?

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I've got a pretty good idea of who I think is the favorite in most of the regions. I'm not sure about the 4th the 8th 10th 13th 14th 15th or the 16th. I assume Knott isn't going to be the fourteenth favorite this year but with out Beverly at perry central I think Knott is at least a dark horse

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1. Paducah tilghman

2. Hopkinsville

3. Davies county


5. Taylor county

6. Fern creek

7. Waggener


9. Covington catholic


11. Henry clay

12. Mercer county


14. Knott central




4. Bowling Green

8. Probably Oldham County but there will be people rooting for Owen County as the dark horse

10. @Randy Parker @mcpapa @gold sunrise

11. Dunbar

13. Clay County

15. Johnson Central

16. Elliott County/Rowan County

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From what I have seen Lawrence County would be the favorite in the 15th with Pikeville and Johnson Central behind them in that order. For the 16th I would list Elliott County with Morgan County and Rowan County behind them in that order. The best team in the 14th Region (that is eligible) would be a toss up between Knott Central and Buckhorn with a slight edge going to Buckhorn (from summer ball). Just my opinion as always.

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I seen everybody in the 14th play and in my opinion perry central is still the best team that is eligible to play but it's a lot closer since Beverly left. Perry beat clay by 30 and beat Harlan county but it was a close game and I think they beat hazard 25 or so.

1. Perry

2. Buckhorn

3. Knott

4. Hazard

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2nd region is Christian County with Henderson perhaps #2 .


Hoptown didn't get the transfer they thought they were going to get. They simply lost too much from last season. matlock, who won't be much in college, was TERRIFIC in high school. he drug them to several victories and he will be sorely missed...

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My favorites


1.) Murray

2.) Christian County

3.) Owensboro Catholic - I dont know if there is a favorite here but that is my pick to win it going into the season.

4.) Bowling Green

5.) Taylor County

6.) Fern Creek

7.) Trinity

8.) Oldham County

9.) Covington Catholic

10.) Campbell County

11.) Dunbar

12.) Mercer County

13.) Clay County

14.) Letcher County Central - I think this is the year that Hammonds break through and wins the region with Torell Carter returning averaging over 25ppg last season.

15.) Lawrence County

16.) Rowan County

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For Louisville, I have Central as the favorite in the 6th and Ballard in the 7th


Central is in the 7th. Unless the school moved to the south side yesterday. The 6th should come down to Fern Creek and Bullitt East. Give Bullitt East the edge as of today. This year should be an entertaining one.

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