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  1. I've seen Cordia 3 times this year. Missed multiple wide open layups each game. Clean that up and they have an extra 10-12 pts a game easy
  2. I'm with Bball Legend. Last comment. He plays D, and rebounds. You complain Perry shoots too much, then complain Tackett doesn't get Hughes enough shots. You can't have it both ways. Morgan has had games with big games from various players. Evans 22 pts, Adams 22 pts, Prater with 25 pts, Banks with high scoring games multiple times. The team shares the ball. I won't critique Greenup, because you will just blame Tackett for anything I say. I'm curious why Morgan/Greenup didn't meet in the regular season this year. I know the answer, do you?
  3. Averages 9 FTA per game and 20 FGA per game. And yes, he puts up numbers. Big numbers. Quit hating on a kid who plays the game and works hard. There are hundreds of kids across the state who need to be recognized for what they do, how hard they work.
  4. Wow. Top 5 scorer in the state. Over 3000 career pts. Made it a great game.
  5. I know in years past there has been a link on the AllA webpage. Not sure about this year
  6. I know this has nothing to do with the issue, but no way Shauntavian Martin was 6'8". And subbing him for Jair would not give you the same caliber of player. I don't care where he transferred from, he wasn't that tall or good.
  7. West Carter vs Morgan at Morgan Co High School. Tip now is set for 6pm.
  8. Cougars play West Carter Thursday in 16th Reg all a championship game
  9. Good defense by the Cougars, plus shots just weren't falling for East Carter tonight. Injuries have hurt them this season. Very disciplined team.
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