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Comets QB wants to be ‘better game manager’


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OLIVE HILL The phrase “for forever” doesn’t make sense.

But when it comes to Braden Brown and West Carter football, it feels like he’s been there for, well, forever.

Brown enters his senior season as a four-year starting quarterback. Talking to him, you’d think he’s a seasoned veteran.

Brown has a sound idea of what he aspires to be amidst the senior class’s going-out party.


This year, I need to be a better game manager,” Brown said. “Watching film, I think there were a lot of different situations throughout some of our big games that I could’ve really handled better. Whether that’s being using a few more timeouts or taking more time off the clock, I thought in the games that mattered (most), I thought I did a poor job.”


Comets QB wants to be ?better game manager? - The Independent Online: Sports

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