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Trinity Vs Sierra Canyon (City of Palms) Updates


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NextUpRecruits.com ‏@NextUpRecruits 2m2 minutes ago


Game 2: Sierra Canyon (CA) vs Louisville Trinity (KY) #CityofPalms


ustin Young ‏@JustinDYoung 36s36 seconds ago


Raymond Spalding (Louisville) vs Cody Riley? Yes, please. #CityofPalms

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Brian Flinn ‏@BFlinnHoops 27s27 seconds ago


Trinity doing a great job of moving the ball around and playing unselfishly, they hold a 21-14 lead at the end of the 1st #CityOfPalms\


Early foul trouble for Ray Spalding, sits down with 2 fouls in first qtr. Trinity up 21-14 scoring from.deep #CityofPalms


This Trinity squad is playing a great zone and is filling it up from downtown. #CityofPalms

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AllMetroHoops ‏@ehoopsshowcase 19s19 seconds ago


Sierra Canyon may have found the Achilles heel of Trinity...#pressure Trinity lead now 4pts midway through 2nd qtr


Brian Flinn ‏@BFlinnHoops 28s28 seconds ago


Sierra Canyon trying to speed this game up a bit, Cody Riley with a nice finish on an oop. Trinity up 26-22 #CityOfPalms


Brian Flinn ‏@BFlinnHoops 23s24 seconds ago


Cody Riley wastes zero time getting into his moves. He's going to work on the block and has drawn a few fouls in this half #CityOfPalms

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Cody Riley taking full advantage of Spalding on the bench, owning the paint. Has 15pts in 1st half. Trinity up 31-30 at half. #CityofPalms


Trinity holds a 31-30 lead at half despite Ray Spalding sitting the 2nd quarter due to foul trouble #CityOfPalms


Fred Farrell ‏@XRDSQT 5m5 minutes ago


Sierra Canyon vs Louisville Trinity. Trinity up by 1 at half. SC is #5 team in country. All sophomores and 1 junior. #CityofPalms



Steven Barnhart ‏@HWHoopsCentral 39s39 seconds ago


Cody Riley leads Sierra Canyon (CA) with 13 points, but his team is down 31-30 at the half to Trinity (KY). #CityofPalms

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NextUpRecruits.com ‏@NextUpRecruits 17s17 seconds ago


U of L commit Ray Spalding grabs a And1, Trinity leads Sierra Canyon 40-33 midway through the 3rd qtr #CityOfPalms


Brian Flinn ‏@BFlinnHoops 13s14 seconds ago


Ray Spaling with a block on one end and then the finish through contact on the other. Trinity up 40-33 midway through the 3rd #CityOfPalms


After stretching half time lead to 7, Spalding sits down, 3rd fold 3:08 to go in 3rd.

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