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Lasalle (OH) 27 Covington Catholic 11


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Weird game for CCH.


LS took the first play about 60 yards which then set up a TD 2 plays later. After that LS O was shut down.


LS scored a TD off of:


Pick 6

Fumble return for TD

Punt return for TD


O was OK. Running game was ehh with one really good run by Luke Bir. Receivers dropped too many.


However, CCH got a lot more out of this game than the first two.

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Clyde, if the two teams played ten times how would it split?


Maybe. Hard to tell. Weird game.


CCH needs to get the running game going. Needs to catch passes. As always LS had speed . QB was OK not great.


I only saw a bit of the Dixie game but I was a bit surprised at how many offensive plays Dressman was not in. Is that normal?

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I think it was 27-11 and CCH had the ball. Threw a backside post that ended up with the DB and WR getting the feet tangled and no catch. I'm not a football rules expert but I THINK that's a judgement call as to intent. It looked incidental to me but the problem was the backjudge reached for his flag and looked like he couldn't find it and then ended up doing nothing. I think he ultimately was right but , wow, it sure was sold poorly.

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