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First Album/CD You Bought


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"Cruisin" by The Village People


Keep in mind I was 9, the song "YMCA" was a huge hit, and at that point in my life, "gay" meant "happy."


If it makes you feel better, I backed that up with "ABBA's Greatest Hits" for my second vinyl purchase.


For the CD inclined, the first two I had on that medium was "Tougher Than Leather" by Run DMC and "Don't Be Cruel" by Bobby Brown.

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Very first album owned was the Uncle Al show album that my grandparents bought me after taking me to one of the shows. The first album I actually bought was with birthday money a couple of years later which was Michael Jackson-Thriller at Children's Palace. I believe I was six years old.

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I'm not sure what my first cassette was...I think it may have been Led Zeppelin IV, but my first CD was most definitely Stone Temple Pilots "Purple". I road my bike to Phil's Records to buy it. Second CD was Nirvana "Nevermind", and third was They Might Be Giants "Apollo 18".


What rode did you travel on to get there? :D

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