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  1. Wow if that is how a teacher/admin feels about kids, just as glad they don't make a commitment to the community
  2. I understand Wilson has been looking since he took the MC job, never moved to Mt Sterling, which speaks for his committment, so this administration has nothing to do with him leaving
  3. In light of the economy, has there every been any consideration to having the final of the district games and maybe even the first round of the regionals at the highest seeded school for each district game and at the district winner for each of the regional first round games. Last week to follow both girls and boys kids and school was out 4 nights, and could possibly be that way this week. Or maybe have a host school for the district final and have both girls and boys game on the same night. In a lot of cases the host school doesnt even have a team playing in the final I am sure I have overlooked some reasons this wouldn't work - but just wondering if there is ever any consideration given to tweaking the system to make it better for the school budgets and students/families trying to follow the teams. If makes a long, expensive two weeks. I am more familiar with the 10th Region format. Do other regions do it differently?
  4. Dan Gooch has put together a great staff this year, and the results are there
  5. I agree - is this something coaches should be told ahead of time or are they expected to know what to do ?
  6. Not sure if the visitors would have been told. Of course the home school knows. Not sure if school personnel would have expected a losing, visiting team to take over the center of a field. I guess they will prepare for that in the future.
  7. I don't believe that "visiting" teams should gather on the "center" of the field after a game. Ok - I can understand if it were an unexpected win - chances are the home team wouldn't be there anyway. Just left a game where the visiting team gathered on the center of the field after they lost. It delayed the bands post game performance and the winning home team had to celebrate off to the side. It seems rude and disrespectful. Any opinion?
  8. Interesting how most rivals are geographic. I know playoffs are determined by class and district - but for a lot of teams the best games (fun, atmosphere, bragging rights, game attendance, etc) and the games that mean the most are between teams geographically close regardless of class, etc. So many teams won't get out of a district where a team is traditionally dominate so the rival games mean a lot.
  9. According to the school website - there will be 25 high school games played on the new field in 2010 - 7 boys soccer, 9 girls soccer, 5 varsity football and 4 f/jv football games, plus band performances, possibly middle school football.
  10. It might depend on how your booster club and school is structured. Or you might be able to restructure your booster club so that it is an organization that supports football not the school football team.
  11. The two new coaches were replacing other coaches, Coach Crain will still need to be replaced.
  12. It is easier to pull off a "little guy" beating a "big guy" in basketball because you only use about 10 players - even your smallest school could potential have 10 players - especially if that school doesn't offer a lot of other sports. My reason for changing up the Sweet Sixteen has more to do with the fact that some regions have several teams that are state tourn worthy and have a heck of run just getting out of the region, and some teams get to the Sweet Sixteen by virtue of the region they are in. Wish you could do something like the NCAA - some get invited based on season, some get to go based on conference/region. If you like basketball, can you imagine what kind of crowds that would draw and you would truely be crowning the state champion because the best of the state would be playing the best of the state. Go back a few years and compare who played at Rupp with those that didn't get to play. I also have no problem with leaving it like it is - I just don't think the Sweet Sixteen winner just be called the State Champion- they have only won a very cool tournament - period. And yes - six classes (six state champions) in football is too many - no reason not have about three - small, medium and large would be fine. I can't forsee a time (might happen, but would be unusual) when a small school would beat a large school.
  13. I am not sure if you are thinking 24 games is good or bad - - - but at least football is a school team sport - with basketball, baseball, and soccer - it is all about the player and what other teams he/she plays on. At least football is a true school sport (I am not aware of any teams outside school) and hopefully won't go the route the other sports have. I like the kids that participate in as many school activites as they can - not only athletics. I feel the same about rushing kids to get college credits in high school - sounds great on the surface, but think of the experiences they are sacrificing. Think of the classes they could take in high school that might expose them to new opportunites.
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