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  1. Several years ago I said Brooks deserved a chance. And he has delivered. But last night I thought I saw one of his biggest bonehead moves. The last FG. With only 20 seconds remaing, Uk should have run or possibly throw the ball to the Endzone. A turnover or turnover on downs causes MTSU to have to go 90 more or less yards in no more than 15 seconds with no timeouts seems to make more sense to me. When they lined up for the FG I knew what was coming, fortunately we held on. As one UK player said, this is not the UK of old, and that I give credit to Coach Brooks.
  2. Kick

    UK 20 MTSU 14

    A win is a win. But saying that UK still needs to improve offensively to compete in the SEC. Hartline looked better. It seems after Cobb left the game, they had Hartline doing little to no audibles at the line. It seemed to work for him. He has to have some help from the receiving core. Lyons,Jr was on, and also think they need to utilize the TE more. The other WR's need to do some sole searching. Thought the D looked good except on the long pass plays, but those plays count. The MTSU running backs seemed to kill UK on the pass plays out of the backfield with LB's trying to cover. Mastay and Trydlacka looked great on punts and Seiber was Seiber, that position needs to be looked at hard. But a win is a win.
  3. And he was in the Ashland School district (Crabbe elementary) before all of this.
  4. http://ukathletics.com/index.php?s=&url_channel_id=39&url_article_id=21971&change_well_id=2 This should answer any questions!
  5. Earl 'Brother' Adkins at UK for Rupp from Ashland.
  6. How long has it been since Patterson's diagnosis?
  7. Not much, when you consider that the out of conference schedule was at the beginning of the year for a team with a new coach teaching players a new system with not a full playing deck. Although this team still doesn't have a complete compliment of players it has, at least, learned the new system and came together as a team in the second half of the season.
  8. 20, 22, 99, 24, 2, 88, 29, 41, 48, 55
  9. IMO one trait that has been left out of all of the recruiting rankings and blogs, and is one that can rarely be identified is HEART.
  10. Personally, I feel it falls back on the parents. You can teach a kid when he's younger to finish what you start, then when they get older they may make better decisions regarding this.
  11. Great game for the Cats. Hope to believe that Brooks has this program headed upward. Love the job he's done, however, I did question his decision to take the 3 points off the scoreboard late in the first half and try for the TD. This group of seniors deserve appreciation for what they have contributed to turning this program around.
  12. I disagree, Burton has been one of the main focuses of defenses this year, which has opened the door for others like Johnson and Lyons to have good years.
  13. We're going to miss him when he's gone! :thumb:
  14. I totally disagree. The talent that is in this senior class is a direct result of Brooks' recruiting efforts. The resources at UK have always been above average but the overall talent pool has been below average. You must dismiss your hatred of UK to see the major strides that have been made in this program the last few years. A high B is a well deserving grade.:thumb:
  15. But what is the payout for the Music City Bowl?
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