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  1. Ryle definately is the favorite. In my opinion they will have the best offensive line in the region, possibly best line backer core, and a great kicking game. Look for the raiders to repeat the success of last year.
  2. I think Ryle's d will be great next year. They return schmitz, morgan, lamping, and hillycord....all who had substantial playing last year on D
  3. They definately don't need their players calling out the 4A state champions in the media.
  4. Look for Ryle to repeat the success they had last season. Although they loose alot, they bring back just as much. Does anybody know the schedule for next season, i've heard a couple different games?
  5. Ryle definately will miss the Murray, Gray, and Gillium backfield
  6. I think Lee is doing a great job of installing discipline into the program. Give them a couple years, and Lee should be able to get Pendelton County onto the map. Good Luck next year!
  7. i don't think Ryle will be dressing 110 kids next year, they won't make it. Look at how many kids have played on Bryson's teams. No more than 50 60 kids because it's a very tough program. I think Ryle might have about 80 kids who actually make the varsity roster after the summer.
  8. No, it doesn't....you got there....and a bunch of other teams didn't.
  9. So what's more disappointing, loosing in the state championship game, or loosing to cov cath twice in one season. My point is, regardless of who you are....being a state finalist is a great thing.
  10. Contrary to popular belief, Ryle is not loosing a lot. They return alot on defense and offense. A couple of key players in particular are Schmitz and Morgan. These are two players who played great sophmores/juniors and as seniors will be great. Ryle will beat highlands.
  11. In my opinion, it is a mix of both. Coaching and Talent play a key role in the success of a team. With out the proper dosage of both, your going to be a long shot.
  12. I was looking at the Final Results from the 2006 season, and i noticed that Ryle wasn't in the top ten. Can anybody explain?
  13. It's about time they stip up that raidernation!
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