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  1. No Ryle? As to be a first since Ryle opened or shortly after.
  2. It seems like the baseball program has had some major Division 1 talent leading the way during their 4-5 year run recently. Has the football team had the same top tier talent in the same time frame?
  3. Good hire. Whether he can turn around the worst franchise in the NFL since they came back in the league remains to be seen. He has his work cut out for him
  4. Big time upset. Too many pass attempts. Reason for bloated pass yardage numbers for Jackson and 3 costly turnovers. Kept Jackson in the pocket and he struggled throwing the football. Great young player. I am sure he will get many more chances in the playoffs. Great game plan for Tennessee. I will not be surprised if they are in the Super Bowl. Awesome season by the Ravens but disappointing end.
  5. Great win by Kentucky. Cal definitely has the formula to beat Louisville.
  6. Train wreck. There is a reason this franchise was the worst team of the last decade. Good luck to them going forward.
  7. I have heard that Justin Herbert is the safer pick of all 3. He is bigger 6’5 and would be more durable. That is just not my opinion. Have heard many analyst say the same thing
  8. Just 2 years ago they played Cathedral down to the wire on National TV. Should of won the game. No one else would have taken that challenge in NKY. Definitely the schedule needs to be designed to be challenging yet not crazy tough. Some don’t realize how difficult it is to fill a schedule as a high enrollment 6A school. It can be tough. But I agree, you don’t want to go overboard.
  9. Don’t think you can compare the two. I think the majority of the complaints were the physical pounding that 4 seeds were taking and the amount of travel to a first round game. I don’t think many baseball teams are losing money traveling distance to these games.
  10. Has Beechwood played anyone outside of NKY in the top 20? Were they in the LIT or Lexington tourney? Not familiar with their schedule.
  11. Way to early to judge Bell, and no he has not lost the clubhouse. The manager and coaches always have the best interest of the players at hand. Heck, this is the best the Reds pitching has performed in years, not complaining about taking a guy out too early late etc. I applaud Bell for at least shaking the lineup around especially early when the offense was miserable. It is going to take time. This team is not ready to compete seriously in the division yet. Hopefully, they continue to improve.
  12. Hey, All about the kids, You seem to post a lot on Ryle sports. First to criticize a coaching change, game decision by coaches etc. Ryle could use support from community members- people being part of the solution as opposed to the problem. Also, you have your facts wrong about the AD not being present at interviews. I think he may have missed one due to a family emergency involving his wife. I guess that was a joke. Congrats to Coach Belcher. Ryle had some good candidates to choose from and decided to go with Belcher. Time will tell if it was a good decision. I wish him well. Hopefully, the Raider Community/School will get behind him and give him a chance to get the program back on track.
  13. Changes in the Athletic Programs? Specific? I think Coach McFarland received enough support from the top. Bottom line is he did not get the job done. Hopefully, the next coach can get things turned around.
  14. No. Waste of time. His real value to this team is getting hitters out late in games. Pitching is the key to more victories for the Reds. This is the Major Leagues for crying out loud. The more ABs he gets the more exposed he will be
  15. PP1- I disagree with your statement about the other sports at Ryle. Your basing your assumption on last year’s football season. Usually Ryle is good in football. Baseball has had two sub par years in a row but is usually one of the top programs in nky. Current coach has over 500 career wins. I would not call Girls Soccer bad. Back to back district titles and definitely best in 33rd. Swim, Golf, Wrestling, Tennis, Track ,XC all good solid competitive programs with everyone. Boys Basketball has struggled for awhile. Hopefully they can hire the right person to get it turned around
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