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  1. Just wondering what region the refs will be coming from?
  2. Conner kills both Highlands and Holmes for the rematch with Ryle.
  3. Ryle and HC both lost a lot last year . Both I think will be very good teams but yes a little on the younger side. Holmes , Highlands , and Conner will be close all year. It's just Preseason Rankings !!! LOL But I do think you'll see some teams jump up higher in the rankings this year !
  4. If it's just for fun , I'll go with : 1- Conner 2- Highlands 3- Holmes 4- Dixie 5- Cooper 6- St.Henry 7- HC 8- NCC 9- Ryle 10- ND
  5. Ludlow and Villa both lost big to Dixie and St Henry last year ? Both teams return a lot , so what kind of reasoning behind this ? Cooper will have nice team , but they don't go deep off the bench.
  6. Dixie and St Henry return just about all there starters and most of the team. Both kinda on the younger side last year. Why would you put ND in front ? They lost a lot of scoring from last year.
  7. I'll agree on that , please forward me that waiver ! We've would have got hit by the ball for not paying attention and taking away TEAM Practice ! Then made to run the rest of practice for not paying attention and if you didn't like it. Tuff .... , next player up!
  8. Nice Team Win tonight Lady Cru !:thumb: Keep having fun and playing for each other ! Gabby Stewart , WOW :ylsuper:
  9. Great Job LB13 ! :thumb: I wish we had this for basketball !
  10. Great win Lady Eagles ! Keep up the hard work and keep focused ! Still a lot of basketball to play , Best of Luck !:thumb:
  11. Wow , what a game ! Congrats NCC and Best of Luck in Frankfort ! I love how Coach Stoll gets the most out of his Team ! They play Great together!
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