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  1. Your team came out and surprised alot of people, but not me. When we played your team in the 7 on 7 meet this summer I knew your team was the real deal and had a shot at St.X. Great try!! Your program and fans are a class act! TRINITY look forward to playing against Highlands next year.:thumb:
  2. I totally agree, lets not start branding TRINITY the real deal! there are alot of games left this year. I seen some great play last night that tells me that we are going the right direction. But, I have to disagree with you, what the ROCKS do on 9-22 is not the bench mark game! winning the State Championship Game does!!
  3. The game was won by the St. X off. line, period! end of story. Good try by Highlands and good job to the linemen at St. X.
  4. We shall see, on my out of the stands I overheard a few St. X freshmen football players laughing that TRINITY lost the game? Did St.X frosh play Moeller this year yet?
  5. TRINITY should have this game under control. To the point of rejoicing for our offense doing well, I think that the TRINITY coaching staff are doing just fine building a strong foundation with both the offense and defense. We will take each game one at a time and not look down the schedule, it worked last year and it will this year.:thumb:
  6. Thanks! Now you know why we are soooooo proud of our Team and TRINITY.:thumb:
  7. It appears that St. X likes to count their eggs before they hatch! just like having pre-made sweat shirts and tee shirts claiming the State Championship behind their sidelines last year. Before the game was even played! and the team designed their championship rings before the game as well. Interesting! very interesting!
  8. We all know that answer over in St. Matthews, they sure can!:sssh:
  9. Nick was in there because TRINITY had a big JV game the next day and wanted to use Stein at QB. As far as your comment about Nick, he was not the #1 Rated QB in Jeff. County for no reason and the MVP at the State Championship last year. This kid is a gamer and a winner! ask the folks over at st.x. I`ll take Nick over any other QB in the State.To your point about if TRINITY played a more experienced team they would lose! well we shall see, it looks like TRINITY is going to have to do the same thing again just like they did last year.:dancingpa. But in closing, great game last night, no bad injuries on both sides of the ball and it was great to see the Manual Fans supporting their team.
  10. Would beating st. x be an upset? I like Highlands in a close one.:sssh:
  11. TRINITY vs. Manual is always a very interesting game, we shall see. Prediction: TRINITY will win.
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