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  1. 5-Highlands 3-Pikeville 3-Hart County 1-Lafayette 1-Henderson County 1-Scott 1-Trinity 1-John Hardin 1-Raceland 1-Letcher County Central Tiebreaker-52
  2. 7 North Laurel 5 Lafayette 3 Glasgow 2 Taylor County 1 Berea 1st Tiebreaker-Lafayette
  3. 7 Warren East 5 Union County 3 Crittenden County 2 Caverna 1 Bowling Green 1st Tiebreaker-Union County
  4. 7 Central 5 Iroquois 3 Seneca 2 Pleasure Ridge Park 1 Central Hardin 1st Tiebreaker-Central Hardin
  5. 7 Hazard 5 Prestonsburg 3 Pineville 2 Letcher Central 1 Knox Central 1st Tiebreaker-Letcher Central
  6. 7 Williamsburg 5 Franklin County 3 Pendleton County 2 Simon Kenton 1 Bellevue 1st Tiebreaker- Bellevue
  7. Hopkinsville vs. Warren East Lincoln County vs. Casey County ============= Remember the format or your entry is void: 5 McCallie (TN) 3 Franklin County 3 Southwestern 1 Ryle 1 Raceland 1 Prestonsburg 1 Anderson County 1 Pleasure Ridge Park 1 Warren East 1 Lincoln Tiebreaker #1-52 Good Luck!
  8. Also if Belfry doesn't seem to have problems filling their schedule why did they agree to travel to Southwestern two years in a row? Why did they travel to Knoxville last year and South Gallia this year? They have just as many problems as Johnson Central does filling a schedule and if you actually knew what you were talking about and was familiar with the process you wouldn't be on here questioning it.
  9. If you're that miserable with the Johnson Central football program why don't you just find you a different team to follow? You are absolutely clueless on the entire process so just stop acting as if you know what you're talking about because you don't. You love to get on here and other sites and take shots at the program posing as a fan when it's obvious you're not. There was an email sent out on the list serve two days ago from Johnson Central needing a game for the next two years for weeks 2&3 and as of last night according to the AD there were no replies. Maybe you can use your vast knowledge of football scheduling and find Johnson Central a home and home series for week 2&3 the next two years. Our program has a very bright future ahead of us in the future. We have only six seniors who actually play and we are playing numerous underclassmen this year. We replaced 8 starters on offense including our entire backfield and you want to get on here and hammer on our schedule. You're either on board or you're not so please choose because either with you or without you we're moving forward.
  10. 7-South Warren 5-Madisonville-North Hopkins 3-Grayson County 2-Fort Campbell 1-Paducah Tilghman 1st Tiebreaker-Grayson County
  11. 7-Belfry 5-West Carter 3-Betsy Layne 2-Pike County Central 1-Knox Central 1st Tiebreaker-West Carter
  12. 7-Trinity 5-Shawnee 3 Holy Cross (Louisville) 2-Fern Creek 1-Iroquois 1st Tiebreaker-Shawnee
  13. 5 Campbell County 3 Henry Clay 3 Fairview 1 Franklin County 1 Garrard County 1 Bardstown 1 Collins 1 Corbin 1 Graves County 1 Bryan Station Tiebreaker-35
  14. 7-Henry Clay 5-Marion County 3-Bryan Station 2-Garrard County 1-Corbin 1st Tiebreaker-Marion County
  15. 7 Campbell County 5 Ryle 3 New Miami (OH) 2 Scott 1 Kentucky Country Day 1st Tiebreaker- Campbell County
  16. 7 Ballard 5 Jeffersontown 3 Meade County 2 Moore 1 Southern 1st Tiebreaker- Meade County
  17. 7 Highlands 5 Moore 3 Lloyd Memorial 2 Gallatin County 1 Dixie Heights 1st Tiebreaker- Lloyd Memorial
  18. 7 Highlands 5 Frankfort 3 Madison Southern 2 Ludlow 1 Lafayette 1st Tiebreaker- Madison Southern
  19. 7 Fulton County 5 Warren East 3 Murray 2 Allen County-Scottsville 1 Apollo 1st Tiebreaker- Fulton County
  20. 5 Lafayette 3 Williamsburg 3 Fulton County 1 Cooper 1 Southwestern 1 Warren Central 1 Allen County-Scottsville 1 Graves County 1 Bowling Green 1 Iroquois Tiebreaker #1-49
  21. 7 Belfry 5 Knox Central 3 Pikeville 2 Rockcastle County 1 Lewis County TB 1- Lewis County
  22. 7 Bowling Green 5 Trigg County 3 Breckinridge County 2 Bourbon County 1 McCracken County 1st Tiebreaker- Bowling Green
  23. 7 North Oldham 5 Iroquois 3 Bullitt East 2 Christian Academy of Louisville 1 Western 1st Tiebreaker- Iroquois
  24. 7 Lawrence County 5 Russell 3 Southwestern 2 Powell County 1 Pikeville 1st Tiebreaker-Southwestern
  25. 7 Belfry 5 Bourbon County 3 Madison Central 2 Central 1 Taylor County 1st Tiebreaker- Madison Central
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