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  1. Do you consider Covington Catholic to be an elite team? Here's how the two matched up in that time frame. 2009- Johnson Central 51 Covington Catholic 32 2010-Johnson Central 41 Covington Catholic 28
  2. 7 Montgomery County 5 Western Hills 3 Larue 2 Fort Know 1 Lynn Camp 1st Tiebreaker: Western Hills
  3. Hayesville NC is currently 3-4 Logan WV is currently 6-1 Ironton Oh is currently 5-1
  4. As a Johnson Central fan I would love to be one of the best teams in 5A but Johnson Central is actually in 4A. Once again this info isnt hard to look up before you post. I'll ask you the same question why would Johnson Central schedule Highlands and Cov Cath in the regular season when they'll play them in the second or third round of the playoffs. Do you feel that playing Campbell County,Dixie,Boone,or Beechwood gets Cov Cath ready for the playoffs? Does playing Western or Mason County get Highlands ready for the playoffs? Comfort Zone you say, since 2007 Johnson Central has played teams like Central,Wheelersburg Oh,Cooper,Conner,Belfry,Breathitt County,Bryan Station,Boyle County,Bell County,Knox Central,Perry Central,Logan WV,and Ironton Ohio. Some we have played multiple times throughout the years and I know some of you will turn up your nose and frown upon these teams but we cant schedule Northern Ky teams every week. Did you ever stop and think that Johnson Central may be losing alot in the next couple of years? Here are the facts, Johnson Central graduates their entire defensive front this year and three offensive lineman. Next year they lose almost all of there offensive players and secondary players, and to top it off in this years freshman class there's a grand total of three skill players. This is the weakest freshman team at Johnson Central the past nine years.
  5. Why would Johnson Central schedule Highlands and Covington Catholic if they're in the same region with them and would see them in the second and third round of the playoffs? You do realize that it's extremly rare for a team to do that dont you?
  6. Teams like Breathitt? Breathitt County is a 3A school and is one of the most respected programs in our area. Mike Holcolmb is one of the better coach's in the state of Kentucky with multiple state titles. Plus it's a game that's about an our away. Do you think Breathitt's a cupcake? I'd much rather be on a bus for little over an hour than be on one for over three hours and play one of your NKY schools. Which NKY schools would you like Johnson Central to play?
  7. What teams are you talking about?
  8. If you're going to post in a thread at least get your facts straight. Johnson Central didnt drop Boyle in the second year of a two year contract. Johnson Central traveled to Boyle in 2009 and list 49-7 and the following year Boyle traveled to Paintsville and defeated Johnson Central 36-29. It's not hard to look this information up before you post in a thread. Tell me sml007 who are the elite teams you are reffering to? I feel that Johnson Central plays one of the the bests schedules in eastern Kentucky.
  9. 5 Lexington Catholic 3 Trinity 3 East Carter 1 Beechwood 1 Simon Kenton 1 Cooper 1 Warren East 1 Taylor County 1 Bryan Station 1 Sheldon Clark Tiebreaker #1=40
  10. 7 Warren Central 5 Warren East 3 Marshall County 2 Butler County 1 Paducah Tilghman 1st Tiebreaker- Warren East
  11. 7 Western 5 Warren Central 3 Bullitt Central 2 Carroll County 1 Fairdale 1st Tiebreaker-Fairdale
  12. 7 Cooper 5 Simon Kenton 3 Ryle 2 Beechwood 1 Walton Verona 1st Tiebreaker-Beechwood
  13. Cooper Lexington Catholic Wayne County Bullitt Central Paducah Tilghman
  14. 7 Harlan County 5 Bryan Station 3 Nelson County 2 Tates Creek 1 Madison Central 1st Tiebreaker: Harlan County
  15. 7 Betsy Layne 5 Hazard 3 East Carter 2 Middlesboro 1 Whitley 1st Tiebreaker: Hazard
  16. 7 Highlands 5 Simon Kenton 3 Bracken County 2 Walton-Verona 1 Dixie Heights 1st Tiebreaker-Bracken County
  17. 7 Warren East 5 Lexington Christian 3 Campbellsville 2 Eminence 1 Henry Clay 1st Tiebreaker: Warren East
  18. 5 Simon Kenton 3 Trinity 3 Highlands 1 Anderson County 1 St. Xavier 1 Male 1 Knox Central 1 Lexington Christian 1 Somerset 1 Pineville Tiebreaker #1-41
  19. 7 Warren East 5 Owensboro 3 Muhlenberg County 2 Adair County 1 Henderson County 1st Tiebreaker- Muhlenberg County
  20. 7 DeSales 5 Western 3 St. Xavier 2 Walton-Verona 1 Central Hardin 1st Tiebreaker Western
  21. 7 Belfry 5 Estill County 3 Mason County 2 North Laurel 1 Knox County 1st Tiebreaker: Estill County
  22. 5 Central 3 Hazard 3 Boyle County 1 Anderson 1 Campbell County 1 Ballard 1 Simon Kenton 1 Allen County-Scottsville 1 Grayson County 1 Mayfield Tiebreaker #1-40
  23. 7 Meade Co 5 Fairdale 3 Pleasure Ridge Park 2 North Oldham 1 Nelson County 1st Tiebreaker-North Oldham
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