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  1. You need to worry about your own problems in Louisa before you start talking about other schools and communities.
  2. Who has he refused to trade films with? I know that talk was brought up for the Madison Southern game last year but tell be Boucher what other teams has he not traded films with? He traded with North Laurel's coach last Saturday. When was the media night? Plain and simple is it's his job to win football games and have his young men prepared every Friday night and that's what Johnson Central hired him for. I can guarantee you he's not going to miss any time on the practice field so he can attend a media night that is over two hours away. The thought of him doing so is flat out dumb. You want to talk about film ask North Laurel's coach about the quality of film that Johnson Central gave them compared to the film that Central received. Heck one of the films that JC received was filmed by a fan in the stands. The second half was on the beginning of the tape while the first half was at the end. If you want to talk about film trading have a clue as to what you’re talking about first.
  3. What a crazy thread! It's absurd to talk about this game as being a district championship in July. I'm sure Mason and Boyd fans will have something to say about this as well.
  4. Does anyone know who they'll be scrimmaging in the pre-season?
  5. Sean Music just played the position two years and he turned out all right didn't he? With that being said I believe Coach Matney knows what he's doing and will do whats best for the team.
  6. He probably did considering Dennis has played the position since grade school and this was Ian's first snaps under center.
  7. I'll tell you what’s a joke. It's a joke to come on here and act like the reason your team only won by two was because of the officials. It was a great ball game between two of the top teams in the 15th and some of you want to blame the close outcome on the officials. I guess the officials get the blame as well for the Magoffin game coming down to a last second shot.
  8. Coach Matney has some kidney stones.
  9. Is it your goal on this site to try to start an argument with every post that you make? :mad:
  10. Yes you probably did strike a nerve and most on here knows that it was intentional. You know exactly who Firebird is and we all know the reason you made the comment. So quit trying to play innocent because most of us wasn't born yesterday. I'll tell you this Stick1 I use to enjoy reading your posts in the past but it seems all you want to do now is stir trouble especially when it comes to Johnson Central. I look over KingJames's posts because he has done this since day one on here and everyone knows what his motives are and he has several suspensions to show for it ,but what I can't understand is, if you and your family dislike Johnson Central so much why to you show up in almost every thread about Johnson Central and put your two cents in? Yes I know that you paid your ten dollars to post on here but so did I and you don't see me and other JC fans dogging your former school Lawrence County.
  11. Since seeing where you stand on the issue of the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth league I'm sure it will succeed now.
  12. What has been said that makes it sound to you that it has already turned into a school league? This new league will be open to ALL children in JOHNSON COUNTY not just to kids that live in the county; it's open to the kids inside the city district as well. Heck they even said in the paper that a kid could choose to play both if he/she wanted to. This has been said over and over. Some of you can say this new Cal Ripken league will fail but IT WILL NOT FAIL and you can bank on that. There will be a Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth league in Johnson County come this spring. There is already enough financial backing that is pushing this project along and I can promise you that there is a whole lot more on the way. This new league will succeed I can promise you that.
  13. Yeah I knew that just had one team but I couldn't remember for sure what they were called. Thanks Firebird.
  14. I may be wrong Sidelines but wasn't you a part of the Bambino league during the mid to late 80's?
  15. I think it may have been a 16-18 or 17-19 year old division but I'm not sure.
  16. I said there was a Connie Mack league that was started in Paintsville 1997 but the more I think about it I belive it was a Mickey Mantle league. Does anyone know for sure?
  17. The age group in the Johnson County Babe Ruth league was 13-15. The age group for the Johnson County Bambino league was 5-12. I'm not sure when the bambino league was started but I know for a fact that there was a Johnson County Bambino league in 1986 and they continued to be a league until the mid 90's. I'm not sure if it was the same league but there was a county league at Oil Springs in the late 70's and early 80's as well. Does anyone know if those two leagues were the same? I believe they were so if that’s the case you had a Johnson County league that lasted about 15 years or longer.
  18. In my previous post I said that Johnson County had a Bambino/Babe Ruth charter for a long time. They had t-ball, coach pitch, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-15. There was NO county league that started in 1997.
  19. Yes A2000 Johnson County had a Bambino/Babe Ruth Charter for a long time before it folded in the early to mid 90's. I'm not sure but I think this league lasted between 10-15 years.
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