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  1. I agree PBurg does play a tough schedule and it would be one heck of a rivalry game but I can promise you that JC has tried to schedule PBurg every year since Jim Matney came to Johnson Central. As a matter of fact we have a bowl game that is sponsored by Big Sandy Recc which serves both Johnson and Floyd counties and they wanted to have a matchup with JC and Prestonsburg. BSRECC offered PBurg close to $10,000 and they were willing to sponser a holiday basketball tourney at PBurg but for some reason the brass at Prestonsburg declined.
  2. The people of Belfry know exactly what I'm talking about. Thanks Watusi.:thumb:
  3. JC was forced to include their alternative school the last time the KHSAA realigned which would have put them in 4A and a much closer district and region. Now this time the KHSAA didn't include the alternative school in the new alignment. JC will have a closer district than what they have now but their regional opponents are still all 2.5 to 3.5 hours away on a bus. If JC was placed in 5A district 8 the majority of their district and regional opponents would all be 1 to 2 hours away on a bus. With the rest being between 2 and 2.5 hours away, but still much closer than what they've been use to the past four years. I'm wondering why the alt. school was included four years ago but not now? I know your probably just adding a little humor to this topic Clyde and that's okay we all need to laugh, but I just wanted to give you the facts behind the matter.
  4. I'll tell you what since you know it all maybe you can find some of the numerous teams " over near Ashland" that Johnson Central can put on their schedule. How can anybody in their right mind question Johnson Central's schedule? For the past two years we've had Bell,Boyle,Breathitt,Belfry,Knox, and Sheldon Clark on our non district schedule so how in the word could you lump Johnson Central in on your rant? Who should Johnson Central play that's "over near Ashland" and who are the local teams what we could convince to play? I'm just going to throw out some teams that Johnson Central has tried to include in on their schedule for the past four years. Letcher Central, Clay County, North and South Laurel, Pike Central, Perry Central, Prestonsburg, Lawrence County, Greenup, Rowan and Russell. All said no. They've practically begged Letcher Central,Lawrence County,and Prestonsburg to play and theyl said no. What makes you an expert on filling teams schedules out anyway? Another inaccuracy you've posted is about Perry Central. Almost everybody that lives in this area knows that Hazard won't play Perry Central for some reason. Perry Central was correct in there proposal in my opinion. Why have a six team district and on the other side of the region have a four team district? Both of the Laurels is closer to PCC's district than Whitley is. North Laurel is in this district now so I wonder why they're getting moved?This district seems to be hand picked to ensure that Letcher will always have a playoff birth. Maybe you should do a little research before you start calling out other teams. I'm not up to date on the issues with the other schools that you included in your rant so I'm going to keep my peace.Nothing looks worse than giving your opinions on subjects that you know nothing about.
  5. 7 Ryle 5 Dixie Heights 3 Bishop Brossart 2 Boone County 1 Campbell County 1st Tiebreaker- Bishop Brossart
  6. 7 Russell County 5 Allen Co.-Scottsville 3 Madisonville-North Hopkins 2 Muhlenberg County 1 Marshall County 1st Tiebreaker-Marshall County
  7. 7 Johnson Central 5 Powell County 3 Fairview 2 Williamsburg 1 Betsy Layne 1st Tiebreaker-Betsy Layne
  8. 7 Henry County 5 Western Hills 3 North Bullitt 2 Bethlehem 1 Oldham Co 1st Tiebreaker-Western Hills
  9. 7 Boyle County 5 Henry Clay 3 Madison Southern 2 Nicholas County 1 North Bullitt 1st Tiebreaker-Nicholas County
  10. When's the last time northern kentucky teams were put in district 7 like they are in 4A? They're no 6A teams in North Eastern and South Eastern Kentucky so lets get that one out of the way. One thing that's odd to me is you have NE & SE Kentucky schools in district 7 in all classes except in Class 4A. What gives? Did the KHSAA not want to put Highlands and Covington Catholic in the same region as Boyle and Lexington Catholic? How can they justify putting Northern Ky and North Eastern and South Eastern Ky teams in the same region?
  11. 7 Louisville Holy Cross 5 Brossart 3 Eminence 2 Boone County 1 Scott 1st Tiebreaker-Brossart
  12. 7-Anderson Co 5-DeSales 3-Eminence 2-Central Hardin 1-South Oldham 1st Tiebreaker-Eminence
  13. 7 Harlan Co. 5 Hazard 3 Powell Co. 2 Greenup Co. 1 Boyd Co. 1st Tiebreaker-Greenup
  14. 7 Todd Co. Central 5 Caldwell Co 3 Franklin-Simpson 2 Greenwood 1 Edmonson Co 1st Tiebreaker-Todd Co. Central
  15. 5 Marion County 3 Belfry 3 Bowling Green 1 Tates Creek 1 Apollo 1 George Rogers Clark 1 Campbellsville 1 DeSales 1 Pulaski County 1 Trinity TB-49
  16. 7 Grant County 5 Washington County 3 Anderson County 2 Casey County 1 Tates Creek 1st Tiebreaker-Grant County
  17. 7 Owensboro Catholic 5 Kentucky Country Day 3 Campbellsville 2 Trimble Co 1 Ballard 1st Tiebreaker-Kentucky Country Day
  18. 7 Lou. Trinity 5 Reidland 3 Owensboro Catholic 2 Warren East 1 Crittenden County 1st Tiebreaker-Warren East
  19. 7 Russell 5 Morgan County 3 Lewis County 2 Mercer County 1 Hazard 1st Tiebreaker-Morgan County
  20. 7 Boone County 5 Brossart 3 Columbus (OH) Bishop Ready 2 Estill County 1 Newport Catholic 1st Tiebreaker-Newport Catholic
  21. 7 Somerset 5 Lexington Catholic 3 Garrard County 2 Tates Creek 1 Henry Clay 1st Tiebreaker-Lexington Catholic
  22. 5 Henry Clay 3 Boyle County 3 Hopkinsville 1 George Rogers Clark 1 Hazard 1 Lexington Catholic 1 Newport Central Catholic 1 Southwestern 1Tates Creek 1 Owensboro Catholic Tiebreaker 46
  23. 7-Bishop Brossart 5-Henry Clay 3- Conner 2-Shawnee 1-Grant Co 1st Tiebreaker-Bishop Brossart
  24. 5-John Hardin 3-Highlands 3-Bell County 1-Greenwood 1-North Hardin 1-Fairview 1-Powell County 1-Seneca 1-Lexington Christian 1-Belfry Tiebreaker-58
  25. 7-Russell County 5-George Rogers Clark 3-Henry Clay 2-Harrison County 1-Frankfort TB-Harrison County
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