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  1. Was told today that Johnson Central contacted North Hardin about playing on 9/24.
  2. It will be tough for a Corbin to get a game with their map numbers being so high. To much of a risk for teams.
  3. Rowan was a red county last week but Ashland still played that game.
  4. I’m not sure why the RPI has Johnson Central with a record of 4-0-1. We haven’t had a Covid cancellation this year. We couldn’t find a game for week 2 so it was a bye week for us.
  5. I agree for Crittenden it was a no brainer. My comment was directed towards Paintsville for scheduling that long of a trip when they could have driven five minutes to Johnson Central who was also needing a game at that time. The game was originally scheduled at Crittenden County.
  6. I was just told that Lawrence will not be playing Paintsville.
  7. Paintsville could have had a game with a team that was a five minutes away when they scheduled Crittenden County. So common sense was never a part of the process.
  8. Grant Bingham was offered by Virginia Tech this morning.
  9. Johnson Central has an opening for 9/18. That’s the same week Ashland was to play at Ironton.
  10. Georgia Tech extended an offer to Grant Bingham this morning.
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