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  1. I’m not sure why the RPI has Johnson Central with a record of 4-0-1. We haven’t had a Covid cancellation this year. We couldn’t find a game for week 2 so it was a bye week for us.
  2. I agree for Crittenden it was a no brainer. My comment was directed towards Paintsville for scheduling that long of a trip when they could have driven five minutes to Johnson Central who was also needing a game at that time. The game was originally scheduled at Crittenden County.
  3. I was just told that Lawrence will not be playing Paintsville.
  4. Paintsville could have had a game with a team that was a five minutes away when they scheduled Crittenden County. So common sense was never a part of the process.
  5. Grant Bingham was offered by Virginia Tech this morning.
  6. Johnson Central has an opening for 9/18. That’s the same week Ashland was to play at Ironton.
  7. Georgia Tech extended an offer to Grant Bingham this morning.
  8. Add the Michigan Wolverines to Grant's offer list. They just offered this morning.
  9. Grant just received an offer from Purdue this morning.
  10. Grant Bingham was just offered by West Virginia.
  11. Just got the word that Kentucky offered Grant a few minutes ago.
  12. Grant Bingham picks up an offer from Cincinnati this morning.
  13. Grant picked up an offer from Vanderbilt yesterday.
  14. So are you saying that Johnson Central played a weaker schedule than Madisonville North Hopkins?
  15. I would guess you haven’t watched a Boyle County or a Johnson Central game but yet you continue to start threads like these.
  16. Exactly. The tread starter isn’t a Boyle County fan. He typically starts threads like these.
  17. 5 Trinity 3 Boyle County 3 Belfry 1 Wayne County 1 St. X 1 Logan County 1 Scott County 1 Western Hills 1 Ironton (OH) 1 North Bullitt Tiebreaker #1 52
  18. I’m a little surprised to see winless teams with some RPI points. I was under the impression that the game result was multiplied by the formula result. A loss is worth zero and if you multiply the formula result by zero it’s always going to be zero. So do teams get points even if they lose the game?
  19. 5 Lexington Catholic 3 Paintsville 3 Caldwell County 1 Elizabethtown 1 Fern Creek 1 Kentucky Country Day 1 Wayne County 1 Franklin County 1 West Carter 1 Conner Tiebreaker #1 49
  20. 5 St. Xavier 3 Somerset 3 Ironton 1 Scott County 1 Owensboro 1 Campbellsville 1 Anderson County 1 North Hardin 1 Central 1 Hopkinsville Tiebreaker #1 = 41
  21. 5 Manual 3 Bowling Green 3 Knoxville Catholic (TN) 1 Owensboro 1 Raceland 1 Johnson Central 1 Harlan County 1 Trinity 1 Lloyd Memorial 1 Butler Tiebreaker #1 = 42
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