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  1. Has he changed his mind BEChargers? Info here is really spotty too.
  2. Wow!!They look a little flat this year compared to last
  3. Has boyle ever been held scoreless in the first half?
  4. We (Corbin 8th grade) have been begging for games all year.We had a game scheduled with highlands and they cancelled.To the best of my knowledge coach called everyone trying to get games.Im sure coach would come to your place next year just to get some games
  5. Me too but it does give the teams a little time to scout and prepare.We should have a dandy game saturday can't wait
  6. Longmire had ALOT of touchdowns against Boyle in the 8th grade state championship game last year
  7. Longmire with a kickoff return for a touchdown! 7-7
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