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  1. Kalen Gibson was not on the fall of 2002 team. He graduated in the spring of 2002. He was on the Webster Co football teams in the previous seasons. He was on the Webster Co Baseball teams that reached the final 4 in 2001( lost to Ballard in semi finals) 2002 ( lost to Cov Cath in quarter finals) Webster went back to quarter finals in 2003 and lost to Dunbar. Willard coached all 3 of those teams. Also Bryce Gibson was a catcher on the team as well as a 4 year starter at QB. Chris Coy was a Jr on the team that enjoyed a great career in at EKU and spent some time in a NFL camp
  2. Georgetown Middle School's 8th grade team is now 16-0 with this year and last year. Their cumulative score of their first 5 games is 234 to 22. Scott County high school has alot of great upcoming talent.
  3. They will still have a strong district record and im expecting them to bounce back hard starting tonite.
  4. Scott county wins big. Their first three games were very decieveing. They have a strong ground game and defense and a quarterback who is getting better every week. Final- SC 35 OC 21
  5. some good not great players 4 Scott Co. QB. Corey Cronin- Very Smart. fast and athletic. Bill Cronins son. High football IQ RB- Anthony Sandoval- FAST!!!!!!!!
  6. It would appear to me that the best thing all Mason Co. fans and supporters could do would be trust Coach Buchanan's judgement on who to play at QB. He has a pretty good track record of making the right decision with his trigger makers. :thumb:
  7. Mike Croley is a tremendous coach and would be a great fit. He would be in the 40 age range and might just want to come back home. I know that he still has tons of family in the area and with his family connections he would be able to get all of the key kids on the court and make the Jackets solid again. Can you image the excitement for basketball in Whitley Co. with Mike Deaton and Mike Croley landing in the same year!
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