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  1. So you proved my point. It is not a fair comparison which is what I was saying. Unsure as to what point you are trying to prove. Danville can quip all they want but Boyle County did not cause the issues that led some students to transfer. They did.
  2. Well lets look at Boyle County and compare them to Douglass. 1. Boyle County does not have an academy attached to that is a separate school and kids that go to that school are allowed to play sports for them. 2. Boyle County does not have a magnet program that allows them to pull kids from anywhere in their district regardless of district lines and allows them to be eligible. Boyle County cannot pull students like Douglass can. Douglass was pulling players from the Bryan Station area through the BioMed program. So you are comparing apples to oranges on that front. Douglass has way more avenues than 99% of programs in the state to get the best players. Hats off to them for having those options but its not a fair comparison.
  3. Frederick Douglass has an advantage with CGWA that other districts around the state do not have but most of the kids transfer to Frederick Douglass using the BioMed magnet that is at Douglass. Each Fayette school has this. This also gives schools in Lexington an advantage and how Douglass has gotten the best players.
  4. So what is your solution to this problem? Considering KHSAA is self funded, which is against the norm in the United States, and they have limited resources with an issue that is increasingly spreading resources thin and with open enrollment now in Kentucky.
  5. Well regardless of how you feel about this issue. It is what it is. You can either complain about the current state of affairs and changing of rules or you can adapt to the current environment and be successful. Students can currently transfer before high school anytime they want to and coaches actively seek kids out at the grade level right now. Just go to Louisville or Lexington on Saturday at any youth league game. Transfers have went up significantly the past year or so. People move all the time solely to go to a school that they feel will better their student and gives them a better chance to be successful. I am all for it. It’s currently happening as we type all these things. Why make it harder for families.
  6. I agree that a lot of people on this forum is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Kids transfer all the time currently. In reality, maybe 2 or 3 kids a year might transfer from one district to another. Why not allow kids to transfer to a place where they could have the best shot possible at whatever they doing. Not only athletically but academically as well. We say we want whats best for kids but then say they are not allowed to go better themselves somewhere else. We act like kids are going to make these decision but in reality it is the parents who will make the decision. I am all for this rule change as I believe it has more positives than it has negatives. The thing that is astounding the most is that we act like kids don't already transfer to other places for reasons that have been mentioned on this thread. It happens all the time all over the state. Regardless of how you feel about it, if you want to be a successful program and the change the rule to allow a 1 time transfer then you need to adapt with the times.
  7. Well if that was the case than Franklin should be winning it all while he is there..... oh wait...
  8. Well, we can agree to disagree. Franklin does have some great players but so does Boyle County. Great players make great coaches and those great players need everyone else to do their job for the team to be successful. This upcoming senior class is currently 39-2 and went 2-1 in State Championship games.
  9. A question that could be added is, if you had to list say top 5, where would the best assistant coaching jobs be?
  10. I would be surprised if Jaggers takes this job. It seems that he applies for every job in the area and never takes them. He probably applied for the Mercer job as well. It seems that the kids are the ones being affected by this the most which is a great look. I am glad they could continue to lift and workout in this transition.
  11. Softball is getting their own field. It will begin construction on the softball field after the conclusion of this softball season. They are building this facility next to the baseball field.
  12. That is how they used to do it. Now they came in every morning before school to earlier than the normal time to do the work they used to do after school. This is so they do not have to share time/facilities with other sports as most of them are not going in the morning.
  13. At Boyle County, they have 5 weightlifting classes a day that anyone in the student body can take. Football team usually does 1st period and then the other sports programs will have kids in the other classes.
  14. Mason does not coach anymore, McPherson’s son is in Middle School and Bottom’s is the middle school coach and his son is in elementary school.
  15. I only know of 1 that has a kid on the team and he has been coaching for years.
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