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  1. RyleSouthwesternLexington CatholicFrederick DouglassBethlehem
  2. Having watched Ashland play them 2 weeks ago they’re a lot better than years past.
  3. Patron 39yd jet sweep for TD with 51 seconds left Ashland 14-7
  4. BallardSouthwesternBryan StationCooperCentral
  5. Ik Fairview gets the scraps leftover from Ashland and Boyd Co and they’ve down on talent right now but you’d think Raceland would’ve called off the dogs early. I heard the score during Ashland Russell game in the first half and it was already a running clock.
  6. Don’t blame Tony for getting the penalty after the PI but replay didn’t look like PI but maybe holding. I knew if Ashland committed the penalties like the first 2 games of the year Russell would win. Congrats to Russell
  7. RussellvilleTrinityCaldwell CountyBell CountyTilghman
  8. Pardon has been a great addition to the receiving corp for sure and he’s been in some big plays on defense. I believe he’s the transfer OK I don’t know what brought him or his family to our area.
  9. When I was at Ashland we played Russell on homecoming every other year and we lost both times during the early 80’s but I think it may have been homecoming for you guys too when we visited so it always got hyped big that week almost as much as Ashland vs Boyd but as far as filling up Putnam the Russell and Ironton games would be standing room only crowds.
  10. Should be a game like we had in the early 80’s always knock down drag out fight till the end. If Ashland avoids the dumb penalties it may come down to a FG at the end.
  11. Grew up with Putnam Stadium in my backyard but I never played organized football I was baseball thru and thru but my lil brother was the football baseball and basketball player. I’d started going to Ashland games in 77 while in junior high school had several close friends that played during our high school years 80-83 seasons. My brother played 87-90 was starting left tackle and defensive end his junior and senior seasons winning the state title in 90 and going on to play left tackle at Marshall and playing for 3 straight national 1AA title and winning one before second knee and shoulder surge
  12. FaridaleHenry ClayMadison CentralLouisvilleKentucky
  13. So far it’s the Ashland team we saw the first 2 weeks penalty wise.
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