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  1. This one will be over early. Beechwood will put this one away in the first half.
  2. True but under some of our members thoughts they wouldn’t have been eligible for the playoffs. Which would’ve been awful for the Harlan County team, staff and fans.
  3. But yet still a three seed and according to some on here they shouldn’t have been in the playoffs.
  4. As expected Wayne with the big win. Next weeks game with Johnson Central should be a great one.
  5. How many seniors does Hazard have?
  6. Harlan County is really playing well when it counts. Wasn’t Harlan County a three seed? How dare them... a three seed advancing in the playoffs in Kentucky? Three and four seeds are supposed to be blown out with running clocks just to give the negative Nancy’s something to talk about.
  7. How many seniors does Mercer County have?
  8. Probably because this topic comes up numerous times every season on this site and others. This topic has been beaten to death time and time again.
  9. I agree. It seems like someone is always trying to tinker with football in Kentucky.
  10. 5-Campbellsville 3-Johnson Central 3-Southwestern 1-Belfry 1-Elizabethtown 1-Central Hardin 1-DeSales 1-Danville 1-Hazard 1-Madison Southern TB-62
  11. 7 Johnson Central 5 Hazard 3 Danville 2 Belfry 1 Campbellsville 1st Tiebreaker- Johnson Central
  12. 7-Raceland 5-South Oldham 3-Glasgow 2-South Warren 1-Western TB-South Oldham
  13. 5-Raceland 3-South Oldham 3-McCracken County 1-South Warren 1-Montgomery County 1-East Jessamine 1-Tates Creek 1-Glasgow 1-Harlan County 1-Knox Central TB-44
  14. 7 Taylor County 5 Garrard County 3 Dixie Heights 2 Hopkinsville 1 Madisonville- North Hopkins 1st Tiebreaker- Garrard County
  15. 5-Pulaski County 3-South Warren 3-Rockcastle County 1- Greenup County 1-Dixie Heights 1-North Hardin 1- Garrard County 1-Mercer County 1-Meade County 1-Madison Central TB- 55
  16. 5-Paris 3-Mayfield 3-Southwestern 1-Johnson Central 1-PRP 1-Wayne County 1-Ballard 1-Manual 1-Apollo 1-Bourbon County TB-34
  17. 7 Southwestern 5 West Jessamine 3 Wayne County 2 Rockcastle County 1 Bourbon County 1st Tiebreaker- West Jessamine
  18. 7 Marshall County 5 Hopkinsville 3 Apollo 2 Owensboro 1 Allen County-Scottsville 1st Tiebreaker-Hopkinsville
  19. 7 Beechwood 5 Bishop Brossart 3 Paris 2 Scott 1 Grant County 1st Tiebreaker- Paris
  20. 7 Louisville Holy Cross 5 Moore 3 Thomas Nelson 2 Pleasure Ridge Park 1 Kentucky Country Day 1st Tiebreaker-Moore
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