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  1. 7 North Oldham 5 Doss 3 Moore 2 Fairdale 1 Bardstown 1st Tiebreaker-Bardstown
  2. 7 Bryan Station 5 Knox Central 3 North Laurel 2 Taylor County 1 Woodford County 1st Tiebreaker:Woodford County
  3. 5 Knox Central 3 Johnson Central 3 Elder 1 Clay County 1 Danville 1 Ryle 1 Apollo 1 Woodford 1 Bellevue 1 Boyle County Tiebreaker #1=63
  4. 7 Elder 5 Owen County 3 Bellevue 2 Ryle 1 Bracken County 1st Tiebreaker- Bellevue
  5. 7 Bell County 5 Breathitt County 3 Boyd County 2 Leslie County 1 Whitley County 1st Tiebreaker: Breathitt County
  6. 7 Grayson County 5 KCD 3 PRP 2 Bullitt East 1 Owen County 1st Tiebreaker: PRP
  7. 7 Madison Southern 5 Tates Creek 3 Lincoln County 2 Woodford County 1 West Jessamine 1st Tiebreaker: Woodford County
  8. 5 Fairview 3 Warren East 3 Scott County 1 Whitley County 1 Franklin County 1 Christian County 1 West Jessamine 1 Somerset 1 Campbell County 1 Warren Central Tiebreaker #1= 58
  9. 7 Murray 5 Glasgow 3 Casey County 2 Grayson County 1 Warren Central 1st Tiebreaker- Glasgow
  10. 7 South Oldham 5 Newport Central Catholic 3 Bellevue 2 Campbell County 1 Owen County 1st Tiebreaker- Bellevue
  11. Fairview PRP Christian Academy-Louisville Woodford County Barren County
  12. You forgot to answer my question.
  13. It's as simple as this Birdsfan, if you get tired of hearing it stay out of the Johnson Central and other Eastern Kentucky threads. If it bothers you so much why do you continue to read the threads and give your opinion? One quick off topic question Birdsfan. Wasn't you a moderator in the past on here?
  14. What in the heck to you know about Eastern Kentucky programs? Did you do some additional research on Max Preps? I cant speak about other Eastern Kentucky programs but I know exactly what goes on at Johnson Central. If you only knew the obstacles that our kids face in there lives and the effort that coach Matney and his coaching staff put into, not only making them into football players, but also teaching them life lessons, you would know why your tired argument statement has really ticked me off. How many kids at highlands are still at school three hours after practice is over because they have no ride home? How many kids at Highlands have ever slipped back into the locker room to sleep because they dont have a stable home to go to? It's plain and simple,if you dont like what Coach Matney says dont read it. I rarely post on here but I've had enough of members like yourself getting on here and acting like you know everything about our area and our football teams. It's this snobby, know it all mentality that has driven away many members from the eastern and southeastern portion of the state away from Bluegrass Preps. Jim Matney is a friend of mine, and although I dont always agree with him on everything, I'm very thankful for what he has done for our program at Johnson Central.
  15. 7 Whitley County 5 Ashland 3 Russell 2 Rowan County 1 North Laurel 1st Tiebreaker: Rowan County
  16. 7 Doss 5 Collins 3 Larue County 2 North Oldham 1 Eminence 1st Tiebreaker-Larue County
  17. 7 Simon Kenton 5 Walton Verona 3 Cooper 2 Conner 1 Eminence 1st Tiebreaker-Walton Verona
  18. 7 Bethlehem 5 Webster County 3 Owensboro Catholic 2 Ballard Memorial 1 Butler County 1st Tiebreaker- Webster County
  19. And the people of Johnson County could care less what you think of our program and our coach. We feel the same way about you and the rest of the people who personally attack our coach while hiding behind your computer screen. At least he's man enough to speak his mind and not hide behind a user name. The sad part of it all is 90% of you haven't even met the man.
  20. Johnson Central never received a game film from Scott either so what's your point? Scott could have had every Johnson Central game for the last ten years and it wouldn't have helped them.
  21. I'm glad that you provided the links to those previous threads but it really does change the fact that the game wasnt cancelled as sml007 suggested.SML007 stated that Johnson Central never played the second game of a two year contract. This was false and I corrected the false information. I remember what was said after the game and I know Coach Matney regretted mentioning anything about buying out the second year. I'm an employee of the Johnson County school district and I know for a fact that the game was never going to be cancelled. You can go back and bring up any thread that you want but it still doesnt change the fact that the game wasnt cancelled.
  22. 5 Danville 3 Bourbon County 3 Raceland 1 Larue County 1 Bardstown 1 Cooper 1 Ashland 1 Scott County 1 Graves County 1 Paducah tilghman TB-27
  23. He got his info from Max Preps.
  24. Obviously you know very little about Ironton or Ohio football.
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