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  1. 7 Rowan County 5 Prestonsburg 3 Middlesboro 2 Williamsburg 1 Clay County 1st Tiebreaker Rowan
  2. 7 Boyle County 5 Warren Central 3 Union County 2 Glasgow 1 Henderson County 1st Tiebreaker-Union County
  3. You may want to give the same advice to your old buddy tooth pick. I've enjoyed our conversation, but all good things have to come to an end so I'm going to take the high road and take a knee on this subject. You stay classy westsider. :thumb:
  4. I wonder if Toothpick or any of the other contributors to this thread have seen Johnson Central play? You may want to take your own advice because I seem to recall when Johnson Central began turning their program around you were one of the main culprits of "making assumptions" about their program. I find that quite odd since you've never seen them play. Do you remember some of the threads that I'm talking about? By the say since I've seem Mayfield play do I have your permission to keep posting in threads pertaining to them?
  5. What a coinsidence there old pal, Johnson Central did the same thing against Montgomery last night. Does that go against your indictment of Johnson Central? I seem to recall a game against Breathitt a couple of weeks ago where they did the same thing. I gues they're not so evil afterall. Thanks for sharing that information about what Mayfield did last night, it's sure going to make my weekend go much better after reading that.
  6. 7 Conner 5 Walton-Verona 3 Simon Kenton 2 Gallatin 1 Dixie Hts TB: Gallatin
  7. 5 Holy Cross 3 Trinity 3 Harlan County 1 Bryan Station 1 Garrard County 1 Scott County 1 Eastern 1 Graves County 1 Bowling Green 1 Lexington Catholic Tiebreaker #1-36
  8. 7 Owensboro Catholic 5 Fulton County 3 Hopkins County Central 2 Barren County 1 Green County 1st Tiebreaker-Fulton County
  9. 7 Henry Clay 5 Danville 3 Oldham Co. 2 Casey Co. 1 Franklin Co. TB Danville
  10. 7 E-town 5 Seneca 3 Bullitt East 2 Nelson 1 Meade TB: E-town
  11. 7 Betsy Layne 5 Harlan County 3 Russell 2 Sheldon Clark 1 Phelps 1st Tiebreaker-Harlan County
  12. Does it make you feel better to type in all caps during some of your last post? I mean, it really drove home your point to me What team to you follow and why do you even care?
  13. I wasn't going to comment on this thread but I can't stand it any longer by reading some of the typical message board know it alls that's commented on this thread. This was a 36 point game people in the end people. JC played everybody they had and for almost the entire second half Woodford's first team was chucking it all over the field against JC's freshman and sophomores. Where's the stat padding outcry on that one? The real joke of the thread is some of the hypocrites that are downing the JC program while they set back week after week and watch their teams put up 60 to 80 points on there opponents.
  14. This coming from a guy who's team put up 70 points on teams the past two years. 70-0 on Caverna in 09 and 75-6 this season against Fulton County. You think putting 75 points up on a team and having a 69 & 70 point difference is taking the high road? How dare you come on here and say the JC coaches are classless. I'll tell what buddy people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. The final score was 68-36 and that's heck of alot closer than some of the scores that your Mayfield Cardinals have been putting up by you taking the high road. You even commenting on this game and calling out other coaches who you don't even know is in itself classless and reaks with hypocrisy seeing your past track record.
  15. 7 Oldham County 5 Newport 3 Bellevue 2 Campbell County 1 Carroll County 1st Tiebreaker Campbell County
  16. 7 Glasgow 5 Murray 3 Grayson County 2 Graves County 1 Greenwood 1st Tiebreaker -Glasgow
  17. 7 Lexington Catholic 5 Mercer County 3 Lexington Christian 2 George Rogers Clark 1 South Oldham 1st Tiebreaker-South Oldham
  18. 5 Grayson County 3 Lexington Christian 3 Ashland 1 George Rogers Clark 1 Ballard 1 Mason County 1 Edmonson County 1 Graves County 1 Lawrence County 1 Beechwood TB-31
  19. 7 Pineville 5 Paintsville 3 Belfry 2 East Carter 1 Perry County Central TB-Pineville
  20. 7 St. Xavier 5 Carroll Co 3 South Oldham 2 Pleasure Ridge Park 1 Christian Academy of Louisville 1st Tiebreaker-Christian Academy of Louisville
  21. Johnson Central has openings on their schedule for next year. Do you think there's any chance Raceland and JC could hook up next year?
  22. Yes they're in the same district and believe me Clyde it's miserable on the big yellow limo. It's between 2 and a half to three hours one way. I think the last time JC played at Woodford the team got back in Paintsville around 1:30 AM.
  23. I agree, it would be an awesome game between two great programs and two outstanding fanbases.
  24. First of all I believe the KHSAA gets the enrollment figures from the KDE so how can JC or any school give an inaccurate count? These enrollment numbers are audited often, so it's kind of hard to use "fuzzy math" isn't it? The people at JC were suprised back in 2006 when the alternative school was counted and equally suprised when the altretnative school wasn't included in this go around. I just don't understand why they were counted back in 2006 and not this time. I'm sure it was an oversite and it will be corrected. Everybody seems to be jumping on the band wagon that JC is trying to get away from Highlands. I believe even if JC is moved to 5A that the two schools will still play each other. I'm telling you I enjoy playing them and I have great respect for Coach Mueller and his program and I'm sure that most of the Highlands fans feel the same way about us.
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