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  1. An incredible game from start to finish. I know it's cliche, but I hated that one team had to lose this one. Both teams played nearly flawless football throughout the game. There weren't too many penalties and no cheap shots that I saw.....very clean. When FC made the goal line stand in the 4th quarter, I thought it was just meant to be their night......... Oh.. by the way the Broyles kid for FC is the real deal, totally impressed with his performance tonight.
  2. I voted BC in the poll because I'm an unapologetic homer; however, I think it will be a very competitive, close game. FC is very athletic and as stated earlier they have a lethal passing attack which has been shown to give the BC defense trouble at times this year.
  3. "Well ain't this place a geographical oddity....two weeks from everywhere" O Brother, Where Art Thou........
  4. Franklin County's win over JC was impressive tonight. The BC/FC matchup will be very interesting.
  5. This was a much needed test for the Rebels. Should be a great matchup against JC next week.
  6. This was the first game I've been to this year. Great win for the Rebels. I thought both teams' defenses were very impressive but Highlands seemed to tire a bit in the 4th quarter. I expect the Birds and the Rebels to go very deep into the playoffs and both have a chance to win it all.
  7. I'm not surprised Danville won, but the margin does surprise me a bit.
  8. Anyone know how this game ranks among the highest scoring KY football playoff games?
  9. This deserves an "lol" no matter how politically incorrect and I salute you for your bravery.......
  10. I think it will be a competitive game given UK's strength on defense, but Georgia is.......Georgia... Dogs 21 Cats 17
  11. 9/06/02 for me. Although I haven't been an active poster as of late, I'm poised to make a comeback very soon much to the chagrin of many on here. You've all been warned.............:sssh:
  12. It's been awhile since I've had the pleasure of experiencing "Jim Schue's" food preparation skills, but know this......He has a 100% track record of success in everything I've ever eaten that he prepared. Not kidding, the dude is a master chef.
  13. As Meatloaf famously said "Don't be sad, 'cause two out of three ain't bad".......
  14. This is the first time in a long time I've been on and I want to thank everybody for their kind words. They mean a lot to me and I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to respond. Amy and I had 30 wonderful years together and I will cherish all of them from here to eternity. Although completely unexpected, she passed quietly and peacefully of cardiac arrhythmia while we were vacationing on Jekyll Island. I do take some solace in the fact that she didn't suffer. In an ironic twist of fate, Jekyll Island was also the first vacation we took after we got married in 1988. We packed a lot of living into the 30 years we were together. We were fortunate enough to travel the world and embarked on wonderful adventures too numerous to mention. We have also been blessed with two wonderful children who have successful lives in their own right. Amy was a devoted kindergarten teacher for nearly 25 years and loved each year as though it was her first year in the classroom. I miss her and will treasure the memories of our time together until my time on earth is at its end. God truly has blessed us. Peace to all of you. TTC
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