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  1. Thought Boyle was too conservative on that last drive. Seemed to be playing for a field goal.
  2. I’m okay with an extra play but it had to be a pass to the end zone. Can’t run there. Boyle/Haddix arguing for a second but clock was zeros way before tackle. Also, perfect example for why you need a horn at the buzzer.
  3. I think experience in the biggest game matters. We saw that in Class 1A with Paintsville, coming off a loss last season but playing a team in KCD that was new to the entire process. I think we'll see it in Class 4A tonight. Boyle and Franklin are pretty even, but experience will be the difference. Boyle 28-7.
  4. Other than perhaps Glasgow, Owensboro Catholic, and Boone County, Paintsville was probably the best program in Kentucky history to never win a state championship. They're off that list now!
  5. The Paintsville program was almost at the end of its rope when Chirico took over. The job he's done there is incredible. Congratulations to Paintsville on their first ever championship.
  6. Agreed. I think you can validate a winning pick for any game from 1A to 5A. Trinity should be an overwhelming favorite in 6A. I think Elizabethtown/Ashland will be the best game.
  7. Really glad they’re going to be able to make this work. All “A” is a terrific event.
  8. Scheduled as such with possible concern that 2022 (second year of the contracts) might be a tough season?
  9. Yep. The gap between T/X began to widen noticeably when Beatty came into the picture. Doesn’t mean X is bad, and they’ve even won titles in the stretch. But Beatty has been the difference in moving Trinity to another level.
  10. Dear Covington Catholic folks: It is possible to lack speed on offense, especially compared to previous seasons, and still be a very good football team. That was the case this season. Nobody is saying CovCath was bad. They’re mostly just comparing the Colonels to the last few seasons, which might not be fair but it’s what people do. And everyone on this site expects CovCath will be in the hunt for a title next year (and the next year, and the next...).
  11. Watching it live it looked like the West Carter defender had a better grasp on Hergott. Seeing this clip he didn’t have him wrapped as well as I thought.
  12. From a far outside perspective it never seems like X has the offensive speed/skill as T. I’ve been curious if that’s scheme or talent.
  13. Just didn’t seem like CovCath had the skill and speed on offense this season compared to the past. Still a good club but it’s hard to beat a team as good as Bowling Green with what CovCath lacked.
  14. Thought Murray’s best hope was control the clock and force turnovers. Even then it was going to be an uphill climb. LCA is a very good football team.
  15. I remember KCD taking some absolute beatings to teams in the early- and mid-90s. It’s really great to see how that program has grown. They’ve done a great job with a steady, methodical build.
  16. Feels like we have this conversation annually now. Watching Trinity’s approach on offense under Beatty and comparing it to St. Xavier is like night and day.
  17. I’d seen Hergott a couple times before when he was younger but tonight was the first time this year. Super impressed. No idea what his college future is but whoever gets him is getting a good one.
  18. Game has completely flipped. West Carter taking it to Beechwood.
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