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  1. If TCU can stop OSU here, things should get interesting
  2. Oh my. What a catch from the TCU wideout. OSU 33 TCU 27
  3. That's all I wanted. Been a fun game to watch
  4. If not for OSU defense, they wouldn't be in this game. OSU defense playing out big time
  5. I watched that play by i don't even know what happened
  6. That was an excellent play by OSU. Execution can't get much better on that short screen
  7. Jeeze, college football needs to change their policy with this defenseless player thing. Terrible.
  8. Right now. OSU fans can't be feeling all that great about how things are progressing. TCU is moving the ball with ease TCU 21 OSU 13 MID 3RD QUARTER
  9. Got a bottle of Blade and Bow. Great stuff
  10. I'll need a bigger sample size. Dunlap's penalty was bad, IMO
  11. Anyone know what the story is behind Bower Hill? I gave a bottle a real close look but don't know much about the distillery. At $85 for a bottle, I wanted to make sure I did my research to make sure it was from Kentucky. Bottle says distilled and aged in Kentucky. Internet research mentions something about Silverton, Ohio and some other place in Connecticut.
  12. I'd just like to see a close game. Ultimately I think OSU pulls out the victory. Score, something like 34 OSU 30 TCU.
  13. 26 Samford 21 FSU with seven minutes remaining
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