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  1. Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! I need to find a tv
  2. I was close to buying myself some Ariat work boots, but I read a review on these pair of Danners I have. Very comfy. Went with an 8 inch boot to get a little more ankle support. After a month of wearing them they have yet to show any wear. They use a high grade leather and I have kept up with oiling them on a regular occasion. You been pretty happy with your Ariats?
  3. Work boots - Danner Basketball shoes - Nike Workout shoe - Adidas
  4. 5 USC 3 Florida 3 Mississippi State 1 Georgia 1 Cincinnati 1 Texas A&M 1 Houston 1 Northwestern 1 Iowa 1 Michigan State TB - 43
  5. For $12 to $15, it can't be beat. A staple bourbon at the Windage estate.
  6. My current shelf consists of Old Bardstown Estate Bottled, Forrester's 1920, Woodford, Basil Hayden, Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond, and Blanton's. I'd rate the Blantons as #1, 1920 as a close second, Basil as third, a tie between Bardstown and Heaven Hill, and last place is Woodford. Woodford used to taste so much better to me a couple of years ago. Not sure if my taste buds have changed over time or the quality of the product has dropped off. I don't hate it, but there are just better bourbons out there for me.
  7. Planning on taking a group of dudes from work to a bourbon tour. We'll be taking a day off on a week day to make the better tours available. Location don't matter, just want to keep it in Kentucky, for obvious reasons. What are the best bourbon tours you have been on? Why?
  8. I'm a fat guy and it sounds like I could have been the 9th player to record some rushing yards
  9. Had some 2015 Michters 10 Year, Michters Toasted Barrel Finish, and Angel's Envy tonight. The 10 Year was amazing Got some bourbon loving neighbors. I moved into the right place!
  10. Beechwood should thunderroll anyone in Class A.
  11. Are the Cake-eaters back. NKY football ain't the same without them. Looking forward to hearing more from people at the game.
  12. ED pills and strippers. The four hour thing seems intriguing... Really though, probably on more expensive booze.
  13. I'm sipping on a bottle of Old Bardstown Estate Bottled tonight. I'll have to say this is definitely one of the better $25 bottles of bourbon out there.
  14. Let's get one thing straight here, buddy! Deviled eggs are delicious! And I ain't going to have you going all over town bad mouthing them like that!
  15. Driven through there on multiple occasions on 46 on my way to Bloomington. I always said to myself that I'd spend a weekend there. Beautiful town
  16. A wise man and also a member of this website once told my basketball team that when it came to tournament time "it takes a good draw, a good bounce of the ball, and a good call" to win a tournament. All off that translates into even the best of teams must have luck on their side when it comes to tournament time. It pays to be good, but yes luck must be on your side.
  17. With the new 2018 season upon us, I'm wondering what was the worst memory that you have of your favorite college team on the field. I just finished watching the SEC Network's replay of the 2002 LSU vs UK game. Guy Morris had a Gatorade cooler poured on him, UK fans storm the field. All of this while an LSU player prances to the endzone scoring a touchdown. I felt so bad for that UK team, especially Artuse Pinner and Jarrod Larenzon.
  18. You sure you don't want to save yourself two hours of your life? It's a crap movie
  19. The movie, while suspenseful, isn't worth wasting the time on. You'll be asking yourself "how does it end". Hopefully they are setting the stage for a sequel. Terrible, terrible ending to this movie
  20. I like Dackich too. He is a change of pace from the average color guy.
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