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  1. It'll be nice to finally see what Baker can bring to the table.
  2. Dakich was on the SEC Network all week. He knows who is paying him to be in the Bahamas all week. He's no dumbie.
  3. My dad and all the uncles planned a houseboat trip at Laurel Lake. Dad put mattress in the back of his Ford Ranger that had a cap on it. We rode from Cold Spring all the way down to London in the back of that thing. I went to bars with dad and uncles/ buddies. I drove the truck up the road on the last leg on my dad's lap.
  4. I heard they are playing somewhere around $1,000,000 in rent. That's nuts if true.
  5. I actually did like Sonic. Service was terrible though
  6. I think UK can pull a 7-5 season with potential for 8-4. Anything more would be a pipe dream.
  7. I ain't going to do diddly squat tonight. For the first time since the beginning of July I will take a night to do nothing. The work will start back up tomorrow though.
  8. Just an opinion, but I think the dude knows the area. Also, that area is fairly rough terrain especially considering it was raining. If he made his way to Melbourne, I think he was seeking out Route 8 for someone to pick him up. That track is sharp ridgelines with deep valleys. It's not like most of the rolling hills of the Bluegrass area. Then factor in that we are in mid summer. The woods are fully greened out. If you could see more than 20 feet in either direction then I'd be surprised. Also have to factor in that all that greenery helps to conceal the sound when moving through the woods.
  9. Cayuts 142 Mega Bemax 24 I'll hangup and listen.
  10. Anybody know if they've caught the guy yet? Or is he still at large?
  11. It's an emotional subject. And being that we're human and flawed to begin with it makes it that much more difficult to discuss. Evolution happens throughout a lifetime, it's part of what makes us great and also makes us bad because we can evolve in any direction at any given moment. I've witnessed domestic violence on one occasion. If I labeled my father as a coward or a low life after it happened then I can tell you without a doubt I'd never be as successful as I am now. And while that doesn't matter, my father evolved from that situation. He became better because of it. He realized he screwed up. I also realize this is an exception rather than the rule. I think the topic of trigger points is very relevant here, especially for men. I'm not talking from the point of victim blaming but more so from the point of understanding what causes a person to snap. I can see the point that @GrantNKY is trying to make, I think.
  12. I've seen my dad go after my mom once (he pushed her) in my life and as soon as he did it he knew he was wrong and went outside to cool off. I was around 7 or 8 when this happened. I remember giving dad a minute or two and then followed him outside. From there, dad's whole demeanor had changed. He said he wished he could take it back but that he couldn't. He reiterated to me that under no circumstances is it acceptable to hit a woman. Aside from a verbal spat here our there, I never witnessed those actions again from my dad. He's the most kind and gentle man I've known. However, right in that instance, emotion overcame him, clouded his thoughts and what resulted was my mother pushed to the ground. Often, we let anger become a dictator of our decision making. It's a process to "check" that anger when involved in an argument especially with someone whom you know all their weaknesses. Mom never wavered. I'm assuming they had a closed doors conversation. But my mother knew that what my father did was not in line with his behavior in the past. I specifically remember them sitting at the dinner table late into the night talking without raised voices about what had happened and how they'd never allowa situation to get to that point between them again. I'm not really sure about assessing any blame on the victim, but once things get too out of control the victim needs to reach out to help themselves especially if there are no signs of abuse in the public eye.
  13. I think, in most cases, we view domestic violence as an outsider. It's easier to just tell yourself that the couple is just having relationship problems and that they will figure it out on their own terms. I do know if I ever came across a man hitting a woman that he and I would have words and maybe even more than just words. It's difficult to inject yourself into another couple's relationship. We don't always see the full picture. But I do believe we need to do better at this either by having a conversation with the couple or by having that conversation with an individual involved. This however doesn't happen for fear of ruffling feathers or possibly making the situation even worse. I think we as a society have run out of patience and compassion. When this happens in a relationship the result in many cases is domestic violence or a splitting of the relationship. I don't think there is a clear cut fix, there will always be some abusive people out there. But we've got to be more vigilant as observers and sometimes take an active role in other's relationships.
  14. To me, bread can make or break a "sammich" I start with a nice piece of sourdough, lightly toasted. Add two pieces of swiss cheese. Add lots of roast beef and a little bit of Turkey. Top roast beef and Turkey off with a sizable amount of horseradish sauce. Smother it together and consume. Some say this sammich may need some decor like a tomato, onion or green things. To this I say "no sir", keep it simple.
  15. From a red Wildcat uniform to a Kentucky Blue Wildcat uniform. Congrats to this young man
  16. I suppose as long as there are no unbalanced motor loads everything should be fine. I'd make sure your grounding is good.
  17. So, I'm going to walk back from what I previously posted. At the distribution transformer it does takea single phases and splits it into two "phases" that are 180° out of phase with the other.
  18. I don't think this is true. When you bring a 240/220 volt service into a house take a look at the transformer. The high wire (for a normal residence/ business) will be one single wire coming into that transformer. That transformer has a center tap in which it is able to convert voltage for distribution voltage into two 120 volt hots and a ground. So therefore they technically are the same phase, they can't be 180° out of phase. There are 3 phases that come out of the power plants, each phase is 120° out of phase with the other. And for backgrounds sake, someone way smarter than me can put me in my place. I only have an associate's degree in power systems. So i have most of the basics
  19. I'm not positive, but i don't think an inspector would pass that
  20. So. I'm pretty sure he'd need a neutral because what happens when you have something on a circuit with an unbalanced load? The neutral helps with that. You can't rely solely on the ground because that's more for ground faults.
  21. I haven't golfed in about 4 years. But back when I did, I played Highland Country Club pretty regular back when I used to work there. The back nine is as tough as it gets, but again I don't play a lot.
  22. Based off of just that video alone he reminds me a lot of Terrence Jones if i had to compare him to previous UK players. What do you think @gametime? Basing my opinion solely off of the video I just watched.
  23. Ok. I can't wait for the day when I can kick back and watch Reds games. Hopefully I last that long on this earth. The last five days I've worked 41 hours of overtime.
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