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  1. I'm going to move my timing up for these storms to like 5:45 to 6pm for the northern parts of NKY.
  2. Looks like there is a line of storms that has developed between Indianapolis and Cincinnati. Not real sure if they'll bring severe weather but the timing looks to be around 6:30 or 7pm for the NKY area. Looks like a lot of lightning in these storms. Didn't mean to undercut ya @nWo. Just wanted to bring some awareness to the possibility of severe weather across the area.
  3. I "powerfully" wanted to say something back but myself never being the one for confrontation I decided to not say anything. But it's things like what happened above that will keep umpires and volunteers from coming forward. Let your kids have fun and let the coaches coach and let the umpires call the game.
  4. So - I'm going to paint you a picture of what I experienced today. I help coach (wasn't going to coach but ended up doing so because I saw a need) on a coach pitch baseball team with age groups from 5-7 years old. I've pitched this entire time up until now and will continue to do so. On one particular day last week I was struggling with location on getting the ball over the plate. Each kid is allowed 5 pitches before having to hit off of the tee. One of our better players gets up on his third time (mind you - I pitch better to this kid because I don't have to throw "touch" pitches like most other kids). The young man won't swing - yet most of these pitches were "meatballs". The kid has to hit off of the tee for the second time in the game. So - I proceed to pick up the 5 baseballs that i pitched along the backstop. I start hearing some things from this players parent. "It's okay "player unnamed" it's not your fault that your coach can't get it over". Also one of the more distracting parts is she will yell swing and don't swing when the ball is in the air. Parents like this make it very uncomfortable. I wasn't even going to help but I'm a much better pitcher than any of the other coaches and stepped in after two weeks and being asked to do so. I just find it a bit egregious that I started hearing that. Like I said - my pitching location wasn't the best on this day but it wasn't terrible.
  5. I can't agree more. However maybe I am a "creature of the present". I still think LBJ is a great player and still possibly the greatest of all, but I can't help but to think that he knew he was outgunned. I love watching him play the game. I'll put him right up there in the conversation though. I don't think the NBA has seen a player like him (he's a football player and I think he'd dominate that game too). Just a true athlete if there ever was such a thing. He just bit off more than he could chew this year. His legacy in this game has still yet to be written. IMO, in the next year or two his legacy will or may upgrade him to the GOAT status because we'll see him elevate another team into contenders.
  6. I assume your talking about 471. There is no construction going on right now from the stretch of US 27 to the aquarium.
  7. I'm going to make a calculated guess. This piece of crap grew up playing video games. It's obvious to me - like in video games - there is no value in human life. Other than what i guess was his girlfriend. We just looked into the eyes of the devil.
  8. Well that's boring! Just kidding. I was playing along with an old joke - that being "Do you know why divorce is so expensive? Because it's worth it." In all honesty, my wife is the best investment I've ever made. I love her to death.
  9. We went to the Streetside Brewery on the east end of Cincinnati today. Beers were great. They also had a food truck outside - great BBQ sandwich with mac and cheese. I'll still say this - the best BBQ joint around is without question the Smoking Pig in Butler, KY. Excellent brisket, pulled pork and chicken, and ribs. Sauces are amazing as well. People - I'm an expert in this department - I've tried everything all around the Cincinnati area - without question - it's the best. Worth the drive!!!
  10. I think both of us were having fun with ya. Plus i hate to threadjack - we ought to keep the attention on the hard working young men and ladies. I do know this - basketball was my sport of emphasis. When baseball season ended - basketball season began. Open gyms - while being "voluntary" were for the most part mandatory. That on top of a full time job in the summers would get me to the brink of burnout. But I don't look back on that time period without a wink of regret. It was fun. And again congrats to these young men and women. The time and dedication to three sports cannot be understated
  11. That was against my code of ethics at the time, although I'll admit I would have made a hell of a goalkeeper.
  12. I got a couple woodpeckers hitting up the feeder. Funny watching them pick up a seed then crack it open against a tree or the fence post
  13. Great accolade to have. Had my high school had a football team I would have played that too. At the time Bishop Brossart High School was too small and couldn't field a football team. I played basketball and baseball in high school. Just two sports was tough with the time requirements. Congrats to these young athletes!
  14. I hate Facebook. I hate Twitter (whatever that is), MySpace (does that still exist), Instagram (I guess ya take pictures of stuff - never tried it but it sounds stupid). This is my go to website for just about everything aside from politics (which i like that we can put that aside to make it great). A special thanks to the moderators for everything that you guys do! You brought this internet hating guy to the world wide internets.
  15. Didn't rain a drop after about 3 pm here in Alexandria where my house sits. May have been different 3 miles down the road - but i doubt it.
  16. I'm going to need your wife to talk to my wife. She just drinks wine- with her danged nose in the air like a Frenchmen no less.
  17. I tell you what - I'm a Duluth man. I wear their work boots - underwear - shirts - and pants. Here's a little tidbit that some may not know - their work pants carry a lifetime guarantee. Thus meaning - if you get a rip, tear, stain, etc... - you can return them for a replacement at no price. Trust me too - they are the best work pants you'll ever wear. Hell - I might as well be a salesmen for them... But I'm just a pipeliner.
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